Congress Asks It’s Members To Submit Social Media Details Too

About the news that the congress party is asking it's members to submit social media details along with personal details

all India congress party social media

all India congress party social mediaThe government and the Congress party seem to have sprung into action for social media monitoring. According to a news report published by Hindustan Times, the party has asked it’s AICC members to submit details of their “social media life” along with their latest bio-data. The letter that was addressed by the party treasurer Motilal Vora requested all its party members to give details of their social media accounts along with their regular personal details.

The move has been justified by most of the members who are active on social media. The intention from the party is not to curb the freedom of its members but to keep a watch on who is saying what on social media since the party’s online reputation is at stake. And with the elections getting closer day by day this is a desired move.

The news daily also informed that the party which is having its brainstorming session from January 18, 2022 in Jaipur, will discuss about the social media policy of the government.

Congress party has been battling with social media for long. With no clear cut strategy on the medium, the party had to feel the outburst when its own members created a fool of themselves, by giving baseless comments on social media. The new move is a required one considering the elections inching closer day by day and clear cut policies need to be laid out.

Yesterday we saw how the GOI plans to monitor all mediums of communications. Not only it has created a new team that would be constantly monitoring severe issues on the web and print but would be presenting reports to I&B minister Manish Tewari. Today we come across Congress party’s move of keeping an eye on how it’s party members are behaving on social media. It seems the government and the Congress are finally taking social media seriously but isn’t it late already?