#Conclave13 Sets A Benchmark For Events With Its Brilliant Use Of Social Media

India Today recently hosted the #Conclave13 and with it's effective usage of social media, it has set a new benchmark for events.


The business of hosting a successful event these days is not an easy business to crack. Grabbing good sponsors, speakers, getting the right audience and the reach - everything is required. In the present times, social media gives events an opportunity to spread their arms to create enough buzz. But most of the events that I witnessed in 2012 failed to create an impact on social media.

Trending a hashtag is not the only way to create buzz. However, the recently concluded India Today’s #Conclave13 had me in awe especially for the way it was presented. The event definitely touched its heights with the international standard presentation and also created a benchmark with its effective use of social media. Apart from promoting on the tried and tested social networks to create a greater reach, it also tried some innovative ways to create the right buzz.


A regular event in the capital since 2002, the theme for Conclave 2013 was “Reinventing Democracy”. The two day event saw a plethora of esteemed speakers from India and around the globe debating and sharing thoughts on a variety of issues. The speakers list had the likes of Dr. A.P.J Kalam, Narendra Modi, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Pranab Mukherjee, Malcom Gladwell, Irrfan Khan, Sourav Ganguly, etc. to name a few.

Along with an effective website, the event made sure that all its social networks are used effectively during the event, and that all updates from the event in the form of images, videos, etc. are shared with its fans in real time.

#Conclave13 Twitter buzz

India Today, that has more than 67K followers on Twitter, had a Twitter event page created for Conclave 2013. The event page highlighted all the tweets, pictures, photos, and videos curated at one place. The Twitter stream was buzzing for the event and in no time the #Conclave13 hashtag was trending in India and as well as all over the world. Along with India Today continuously updating every detail from the conference, the employees at India Today were making extensive use of their personal Twitter presence to give the conference a greater reach.

The India Today team also used the Vine video app from Twitter quite innovatively. Behind the scenes and activities were being posted with the help of Vine app. One of the videos that caught my attention was the behind-the-scenes video of Malcolm Gladwell getting a funky portrait being clicked at the conference. The below tweet gives a glimpse of Gladwell’s video and there were quite a number of videos that were shared on Twitter for both the days via the Vine app.

Along with the buzz, the Twitter account added more than 1676 followers in the week of the event (11/3/2013-18/3/2013) according to Unmetric. The below screen grab shows the growth which has spiked from 14/3 where it was 66,598, 15/3 it was 66,885 and on 16/3 it reached to 67,224.


#Conclave13 Facebook buzz

On Facebook India Today created an equivalent buzz for its 275K plus fans. Live visual updates about the event were being shared throughout the day. From visual posts to video updates, the Facebook brand page was witnessing everything and the below screen grab gives you the glimpse of one such content. With more than 81 shares, the content shared was also the most engaging content in the week, according to Unmetric.


Along with the offline event, #Conclave13 was live streamed via YouTube. On Facebook the page managers created a Facebook app that was live streaming the event right on Facebook itself. Along with the live stream, the app had embedded the Twitter stream and the Facebook commenting platform to increase discussion about the event on Facebook.

Similar to Twitter, India Today’s Facebook page gained 4746 fans in the same period, according to Unmetric. The below screen grab shows the growth chart where the page grew positively prior to the day of the conference. Additionally, people talking to the brand saw a major spike on the last day of the conference.


#Conclave13 YouTube buzz

As mentioned earlier, the entire event was streamed live via YouTube on its website as well as on the Facebook page.  The entire event has been recorded and shared on YouTube as well as on the website itself. In addition to this, there are the highlights of the day that have been captured as videos and images which have been posted on the website too.

Along with the usage of the popular social networks, India Today has encapsulated the discussions on Twitter associated to each panel discussion on Storify. So you can check individual Storify versions of each discussion on the website as well the session videos, Q&A session videos and the session photographs.

I am yet to see an Indian event using social media as effectively as #Conclave13. All the popular social networks have been used not only effectively but rationally too. And this is why the event was still trending on Twitter even the day after.

Without a doubt with #Conclave13, India Today has created a benchmark on offline as well as online.