Complan Enagages Parents With My Complan Moustache Contest On Facebook

A review of the 'My Complan moustache' contest by Complan India on Facebook that invites parents to upload cute pictures of their kids with 'milky' moustaches after having a glass of Complan.


If you are a mother of a child aged between 4 and 14, then here’s an exciting contest for both you and your child. Complan, the milk protein supplement known for its claims that help a child grow faster and one that made children go ‘I’m a Complan girl’ in most Indian households has been running an adorable contest on its Facebook page called ‘My Complan moustache contest’.

Parents are encouraged to upload pictures of their kid’s ‘moustache’ right after she has had her glass of Complan, and then spread the word to gather as much votes as possible. In this month long campaign, there are weekly prizes of bicycles and a grand prize of 16GB iPad2 at the end of the month. Contests that target parents along with the child always sound exciting to me. So, I decided to review of the ‘My Complan moustache contest’.

About My Complan Moustache contest

The contest is hosted on a bright and cheerfully designed Facebook app and does not require you to like the page to be able to participate. At the bottom are displayed three links: View gallery, Hall of fame and Terms & Conditions.  


Do read the T&Cs before you ‘view gallery’ or click ‘hall of fame’. Hall of fame displays the weekly winners and view gallery is an array of  pictures of ‘moustached’ children along with their name and number of votes.

To upload your child’s photo, you got to enter through either of view gallery or hall of fame. An ‘Upload your kid’s photo’ button will appear through which you can get yourself registered with your name, address and phone number. Browse a file from the computer and upload it along with your child’s name and age in the succeeding window.

Is there room for improvement?

With a simple concept and cool prizes, Complan has managed to create a meaningful engagement with its community. I am quite impressed with the concept of ‘My Complan moustache’ but the execution is a bit disappointing. The way to participate or the ‘Upload photo’ button or link is not displayed in the home page; you can find that link only after you start browsing the gallery or the hall of fame. Also, it isn’t a ‘like’ campaign, you can participate without liking the page. The brand has lost out on an opportunity to build a relevant community on Facebook.

Apart from that, I loved the design in terms of colour and layout. Navigation is okay and the app has been tested for bugs too. Moreover, it is a smart campaign that collects your personal details in the name of signing up for the contest. I think this is absolutely unnecessary as winners can be announced in the hall of fame, following which they could submit their personal details. The alternate objective of the campaign seems to be making a database of parents with kids in the target age group!

A photo-based contest on Facebook can make good use of Pinterest. Complan could have created a board for ‘My Complan Moustache’, whereby it could promote further contests that are based on visuals. Besides, any judgement based on votes is bound to be biased and hence rigged. I don’t think any child deserves to lose here as each has an adorable ‘milky’ moustache to flaunt. The brand could give away Complan hampers to every child with a moustache!

So, have you participated yet? Do let me know what you think about the campaign.