Communist Party Of India, Kerala Division Growing It’s Social Media Presence

Communist Party Of India, Kerala state committee has created a presence on Facebook and now wants to explore other social networks too.


CPM on social media

The relationship between political parties and social media is an on and off affair. At one point, the parties want to use social media to reach out to the electoral candidates and at the same time they want to drive it like traditional channels. The latest political party to board the social media bandwagon is Communist Party Of India, Kerala state committee.

According to The New Indian Express, the party that has been known for painting streets and walls with their revolutionary message and color, has decided to paint the walls of Facebook. The party thinks that being present and active on social media networking sites is the need of the hour and hence it had launched a Facebook page in the month of December, 2012.

The Facebook page has been active now for more than two months and has a fan following of more than 8K fans. The page which appears to be really active has opted for the local language as the mode of communication. In addition to this, the party also wants to explore the likes of Twitter and Google Plus along with Facebook.

Interesting bit about this news is that the party has not jumped on social media with a blind eye. It organized a state-level workshop in the capital for learning the nuances of social media. The workshop saw a turnaround of more than 650 participants who were trained by experts on the technicalities of social networks and the dos and don’ts of social media. The training program is now carried to district levels so that the knowledge is shared at the local levels. Some districts such as Thiruvananthapuram has already held workshops.

Creating a presence on social media is a must for political parties and it is good to see them realizing this. However, the real test would take place when they face brick bats on social media.

P.S. If you understand the local language of the Facebook page, then do share with us in the comments about the kind of content being shared on the page.