Colour Your Day With Amul PRO’s Fun Facebook App

About 'Colour your day', Amul's Facebook campaign to promote Amul PRO, its new malt-based milk additive


Amul, India’s largest food products marketing organization has launched a Facebook campaign to promote Amul PRO, its new malt-based milk additive.

Launched this April, Amul’s latest milk additive, Amul PRO is making some buzz in an already crowded market of milk-enhancing products, with a range of TVCs, print ads and outdoor promotions. The campaign has also had a Facebook page launched this May and has managed to build a community of 91K fans in this short span.

Although Amul PRO is targeted at all ages, the application on Facebook called ‘Colour your day’ is purely for the kids. It is an emulation of the colouring books plus some colour pencils. But you could try it too or alternatively, explore your kids creative potential with this fun colouring app and post them on Facebook for your friends to see.

Colour your day is a simple adorable Facebook app, available only for the fans, which means you need to like the page before you can colour your day. Once you click on begin, a page as seen on the screenshot opens up with a choice of 10 coloured pictures. The tenth picture is of the Amul girl holding a glass filled with a brown drink!

amul pro draw

Select a picture that you or your kid would like to colour and start creating your masterpiece with this fun app. Similar to a paintbrush software, there is a colour palette on your left and basic tools for clearing, erasing and saving. Here, it is worth mentioning about a small but ‘fun’ feature of this app - the mouse cursor turns into a colour pencil of the chosen colour. Besides, you can use the full screen option too, like I did.

After you save, you can share it on Facebook, invite your friends on Facebook or start colouring another one.

How cool is ‘Colour your day?

It is evident that ‘Colour your day’ is a well-thought out application, keeping the end consumer in mind - children. It is an old trick called ’emotional’ marketing that works on the theory that if you can win the kids, the parents are yours.

Moreover, it gels with the generation of Facebooking parents who would love to share their kids’ masterpieces.

I’d like to list out a few things that we could learn from ‘Colour your day’:

1. Ran a Facebook ad with the right CTA: I like it when I click on a Facebook ad which directly takes me to a place where I can ‘act’ upon whatever the ad copy had excited me for. Amul Pro ads directly took me to ‘colour your day’.

2. Is a ‘like’ campaign: This feature would help in increasing the fan count. And it makes good sense since the campaign is directed towards the TG.

In the last few months, more and more campaigns on Facebook have a mandatory ‘like’ feature. I’m not against such compulsion but ‘like’ campaigns will work only if the brand gives a good reason for a fan to keep coming back. For this it has to continue to engage with its community, else ‘unlike’ is just a click away!

3. Has been designed and executed well: It is obvious that ‘Colour your day’ has spent a good amount of time on the drawing board. Along with a good concept, it has an appealing, colourful design as well.

I’m sure the creators of this campaign have imagined a typical, urban household with a need to enhance the nutritive qualities of the milk they are drinking. Although this might come across as an obvious ritual to start with, I have seen wonderful campaigns that do not connect with the end consumer at all!

4. Uses the ‘viral’ features provided by Facebook: Adding the ‘share’ and ‘invite’ feature at the end will work to spread amongst your fans’ social network. In this case, it was required as an incentive to participate and spread the word.

So have you started colouring your day yet? I found it quite stress-busting and am sure you’ll find it too. Also, let me know what you think about it?