Colgate PLAX Teams Up With Agent Vinod

A review of the Colgate PLAX Facebook contest 'Confidence Agent' in association with the movie Agent Vinod

Colgate PLAX, your  agent for long-lasting fresh breath and confidence has now  teamed up with Agent Vinod to make you an offer you cannot refuse. Now you can make Colgate PLAX as your confidence agent and win a 3 nights/4 days free trip to Monte Carlo in France, all courtesy of Colgate.  It is very simple to make Colgate PLAX as your confidence agent. Just visit the Colgate PLAX Facebook page and go to the tab ‘Confidence Agent contest’.

Colgate Plax Confidence Agent contest

Now all you have to do is answer three scenario-based questions about what would you do in that case, invite your friends who you think have the confidence to play the Confidence Agent contest and submit your answers. But do make sure that you go through the Terms & Conditions of the contest before you participate. You can also participate multiple times and invite your friends that many times.

What I noticed about the contest is its simplicity. The questions are fun and give everyone a chance to answer them unlike the Bru Exotica ‘India’s Greatest Coffee Lover’ contest that had tough questions about the history and making of coffee. Here the winner gets a free trip to Brazil or Mount Kilimanjaro. Also, the Confidence Agent contest does not require you to ‘like’ the page unlike the Bru Exotica one.

The video on the tab does not auto-play, which is good. The Facebook app allows you to participate in the contest, despite you disallowing the app to post content on your behalf. I also participated again after allowing the app to post on my behalf just to test if it would show me the content before posting. It did and this is a good thing as most apps that we review here, often ignore this Facebook app guideline.

However, as the contest is an open one and not exclusive for its fans, it will not help in growing the community. The makers of this campaign might want to look into this. Besides, associating with a movie is always risky, as box-office results go on to determine the public image.