Colgate MaxFresh & MTV Hunt For Fresh Talent Through ‘R U Fresh Enuf?’

About the Colgate MaxFresh and MTV singing talent hunt contest 'R U Fresh Enuf?' where 10 finalists will be mentored by Music composer Amit Trivedi and one winner will get to work with him.


Colgate Max Fresh from the house of Colgate-Palmolive and MTV have partnered to hunt and mentor the fresh talents in India. And the first initiative in this venture is the ‘Are U Fresh Enuf’ contest that encourages the singing talents of the country to submit a piece of their talent, and get a chance to be part of a workshop with Music Director, Amit Trivedi. And that’s not all – one lucky winner among the final 10 may even get a chance to work with him!

As in most major talent hunt contests been run in the past, ‘R u fresh enuf?’ also provides contestants with three ways to participate – you can call a certain number and record your song, or you can visit the website and record your song through your system microphone or give the link to the YouTube video with your previously recorded song.

R u fresh enuf? Facebook app

A Facebook application on the Colgate MaxFresh  page also hosts the contest but eventually takes you to the website, in case you want to participate. You have to ‘like’ the page to get started with the app both for participation and voting.


‘Vote now’ and ‘participate now’ both the links leads one to the website. The home page features a video by Amit, where he is shown calling for entries. There is an array of freshly uploaded videos at the side along with the votes they  have received. One can visit the submitted entries through the gallery.

‘Top voted’ brings up a list of the videos with the highest votes. In addition, you can also search for names filtered by name, city and phone. ‘How to participate’ explains how to go about participating with simple visuals and links.

How good is ‘R U Fresh Enuf?’

Colgate MaxFresh and MTV have hit the right chords with the youth of this country by giving them an equal platform to compete. ‘R u fresh enuf?’ connects with the youth not only in terms of being associated with a youth-centric TV channel but also giving them a platform to be mentored by the best. Musician Amit Trivedi who himself had started his career at the age of nineteen as a theatre and musical jingles composer comes across as the right choice of mentor for such a hunt. That aside, Colgate MaxFresh also gets to strengthen its association with ‘freshness’.

The mode of judgement is not entirely vote based. 7 will be selected by the MTV editors and only 3 will be selected by popular choice i.e. they have the highest votes for their entry. This mix will form the 10 finalists to attend the workshop by Amit.

Coming to the Facebook app, it is informative, well-designed and uncluttered. Navigation is smooth and the featured videos play without a glitch. Moreover, it clearly states the Terms & Conditions with the required details. But, what I liked best is that the entries will be subject to moderation. Most contests that accept user-generated entries often ignore the moderating part.

‘R u fresh enuf’ might just open up a new era in multiple brands partnering towards a single goal with distributed benefits. For now, this is awesome and going by the entries in the gallery, India sure has a lot of talent!