Colgate Max Fresh & Bindass Make Dreams Come True In ‘Live The Fresh Life’

Review of Live the fresh life’ contest by Colgate Max Fresh and Bindass, where 4 youngsters get the chance to live out their passion

Youngsters are a passionate lot and brands are helping them live out their passion. In yet another campaign aimed at forging deeper bonds with the youth, Colgate-Palmolive’s toothpaste brand, Colgate Max Fresh has shortlisted 20 young talents in the ‘Live the fresh life’ contest, hosted in partnership with youth entertainment channel Bindass.

The campaign is now in phase 2 with 20 shortlisted candidates up for public voting on Facebook and YouTube. Lucky voters who have voted for them stand the chance to win iPads.

Whether its photography, dancing or adventure sports that keeps them alive, the campaign had invited all youngsters to participate in Live The Fresh Life’ contest, with the promise of winning a chance to live that passion. One had to register on the Facebook app along with uploading videos, photos and social media links that showcased their passion.

4 winners from the shortlisted entries, chosen by a combination of judge votes and fan votes, will win an opportunity to live their dream. The journey experiences of these chosen four will be featured in the Colgate MaxFresh and Bindass Facebook pages.

The contest hosted on a Facebook app at the Colgate MaxFresh Facebook page serves as a one-stop destination. It features the gallery and the shortlisted contestants along with the Terms & Conditions of the contest. One can click the profiles listed to go through their answers, images and videos and vote for them.


The Colgate MaxFresh Facebook page has been regularly sharing updates on the contest. The brand, however, does not seem to be active on Twitter though it was till last year. The Colgate MaxFresh Twitter page seems to be abandoned after the talent hunt contest with MTV last year.

Engaging the youth

Last year, Colgate MaxFresh had teamed up with MTV for the ‘R u fresh enuf?’ contest where aspiring singers in the country could win the chance to work with music director Amit Trivedi. The contest enabled participation through phone, a microsite and a Facebook app. Clearly, contests like these works for the brand.

It helps them forge deeper bonds with the youth by giving wings to their passion. The two brands using their social media pages to share the journey of the winners serves as a great platform to showcase their talent to the world. Colgate MaxFresh with its 1.2 million fans and Bindass with its 6.2 million fans sure forms a large audience for the passionate winners. Moreover, the judging criteria takes care of bias, as it involves a combination of judge and fan votes for the final selection.

‘Colgate Live the Fresh Life’ further strengthens the brand’s association with ‘freshness’.