Coke To Take On Pepsi With Video Series Featuring Alia Bhatt & Siddharth Malhotra

Coca Cola's 2015 TVC features Alia Bhatt & Siddharth Malhotra as teenagers who are not ready to share their Coke with each other, this is just one of a series of videos in the forthcoming campaign 'Har Dil Yahi Chahe Bas Yeh Taste Mil Jaaye'

It seems beverage giant Coca-Cola is all set to make people fall in love with the taste of Coke all over again. The company plans to roll out a series of videos featuring actors Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra, ahead of its new brand campaign. The videos will focus on elements that have subtly and sub-consciously got embedded in the consumers’ minds like - the iconic contour bottle design, the tantalising bubbles and the unmistakable sound of the bottle opening.

After featuring in the 2013 Coca-Cola campaign where the two were also joined by actor Varun Dhawan as the three leading stars of the iconic movie “Student of the Year” to promote the beverage giant’s message of ‘spread happiness, without a reason’, this time the two brand ambassadors play college teens in Coke’s new campaign - ‘Har Dil Yahi Chahe Bas Yeh Taste Mil Jaaye’.

Conceptualized by McCann Erickson, the 30-seconder opens with a close up shot of a Coke bottle being opened by Siddharth and poured onto a glass. Right when he is looking forward to take a sip, in comes Alia to snatch it from the table and enjoy a long gulp. Siddharth looks on bemused while she is looking at her Coke bottle with contentment written large on her face. The film ends with the voiceover saying, “Har Dil Yahi Chahe Bas Yeh Taste Mil Jaaye”.


As per a company press release, the teaser series will be driven by their constant tricks and pranks for one-upmanship, that will eventually bring them closer to each other in the true Coca-Cola spirit of bringing people together.

On the digital front, the video was uploaded on the Coca Cola YouTube channel on the 11th of March and also shared on the beverage giant’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Incidentally, the ad film was also shared with a special visual dedicated to Alia on the 15th of March, as it was the actresses’ birthday.

The two brand ambassadors have also used their social media clout to spread the word. Both Alia with her 3.9 million followers on Twitter and Siddharth with his 1.59 million followers on the platform, have shared the new Coke ad.

Storytelling to #OpenHappiness

Apparently, there’s more to this story. Will Siddharth look on as Alia continues to gulp on her bottle of happiness or will Alia pass the bottle to him? While the videos carry the story forward, viewers will be treated to the symbolic elements of a Coke bottle and the bubbling Coke within it, part of the global celebrations this year as the iconic Coke bottle completes 100 years of existence. 

Marking this milestone, The Coca-Cola Company is celebrating with a year-long global campaign to be executed in 130 countries. The campaign includes new advertising, a music anthem and a series of art exhibits featuring works from some of the world’s leading contemporary artists including Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell and Peter Blake.

With the hot summers on and the upcoming IPL season in which Pepsi is a sponsor (Read more: The New Pepsi Challenge Is Inviting Indians To Create Commercials For IPL 2015), Coke has planned on a well drawn marketing strategy to stay visible in consumers’ eyes as well as capitalize on all that reminds consumers’ of the taste and emotions associated with a bottle of Coke. Armed with content hovering around two popular youngsters and the power of storytelling, Coca Cola India  is well on its way making a mark in Indian consumer minds while jostling for eyeballs against Pepsi, but that’s how it has always been every IPL season.

It would be interesting to watch the forthcoming series of the ad films and how the beverage giant opens up the engagement on social. Opening happiness for Alia on her birthday seems like a good start!