Coca Cola To Leverage Salman Khan’s Social Media Presence For Thums Up

Coca Cola is going to encash it's brand ambassador Salman Khan's social media presence for it's forth coming summer campaigns.

Last year we saw popular Bollywood celebrities jumping on to social networks to create brand pages. The idea was to connect with fans instantly and at the same time also promote their offline activities. Salman Khan, one of the most popular stars has taken the trend one step further. He is lending his social media presence to Coca Cola to run its forthcoming exclusive summer campaigns for its top brand Thums Up, as reported by Economics Times Of India.

A first time initiative on social media that would help the brand to reap the social clout of Salman Khan. Salman, who had been a brand ambassador till 2003, has been roped in again late last year for a whopping 18 crore two-year deal. With 5 back-to-back box office hits, Salman is today the most bankable actor not only for Bollywood but for the brands too.

It’s a known fact that Salman drives the same popularity on social media too. He launched himself on Twitter initially and today he has more than 3.4M followers. The popularity on Facebook is double and has more than 7.7M fans. Obviously Coca Cola wants to encash this existing fan following and hence the move. The brand has already initiated the campaign with the launch of the brand new TVC. The initial buzz was created on the Thums Up YouTube brand channel with a few teasers and finally launching the new ad featuring Salman on the 22nd  of Feb, 2013 i.e. yesterday.

The promotions of the video have been carried out on the Thums Up official Facebook page as well as on the Salman Khan brand page. The Thums Up TVC has already garnered more than 626 views (at the time of writing this article) on YouTube in last 13 hours. I believe that this is only going to catch up in the coming days.

Additionally, it would be exciting to see how Coca Cola uses Salman’s social clout. Since this could be a trendsetting move, I am sure in the coming days, a lot of brands would follow suit. We already saw how Salman used his social clout to promote Dabangg 2 on social media. From exclusive  trailer releases to audio release, the page had everything for his fans. So it would be interesting to wait and watch to know how Coca Cola plays out its new trend on social media.