Coca Cola Hulk vs Ant Man, Twitter Launches Autoplay Video Ads At The Top Of Your Feed

Global digital news - Coca-Cola has partnered with Marvel to launch a Super Bowl commercial featuring two super heroes, Twitter is rolling out a new ad unit called First View, and more

Coca Cola Hulk vs Ant Man: Coca-Cola has partnered with Marvel to launch a Super Bowl commercial featuring two super heroes: The Incredible Hulk and Ant-Man. Ant-Man, voiced by actor Paul Rudd, is caught snatching the last Coca-Cola Mini Can from the fridge in Dr. Bruce Banner’s lab.

Pinterest Poaches Google Sales Vet to Ramp Up Its Advertising Business: Pinterest wants to build out its ad products to compete with digital heavyweights like Facebook and Google, so the site has hired Google’s vp of U.S. sales, Jon Kaplan, to head up its global business.

Viacom Is Betting on Snapchat to Stay Relevant With Millennials: The partnership entails a revenue-sharing agreement, per The Wall Street Journal, that lets both companies keep a portion of the advertising money. Viacom has also launched two new global Discover channels on Snapchat: MTV and Comedy Central. Before today, MTV’s Discover hub was only available internationally and Comedy Central’s was only available to U.S. users.

In an Effort to Woo Advertisers, Vox Will Turn Its 8 Brands Into TV Networks: Vox Media has come a long way since its days as SportsBlogs Inc. In the 12 years since launching SB Nation, through acquistions and new launches, the company now reaches 170 million users across its eight brands, including Re/Code, The Verge, and main news site Now Vox Media president Marty Moe wants to turn those brands into their own TV channels.

Google: Flash Ads Are Finally Going Out, HTML5 Ads Are In: After taking many steps in this direction, Google announced Tuesday that it will finally stop serving Flash formatted display ads. As of June 30, 2016, advertisers will no longer be able to upload new Flash ads into AdWords or DoubleClick.

Twitter Forms A “Trust & Safety Council” To Balance Abuse Vs Free Speech: Twitter’s latest step in the tricky balancing act of championing free speech without also handing a free pass to orchestrated harassment via its platform is the announcement today that it’s formed a “Trust & Safety Council” comprised of multiple external organizations with various interests in the two issues.

Twitter launches First View: Autoplay video ads at the top of your feed: Twitter is rolling out a new ad unit called First View, which is a single video ad that straddles the top of users’ timelines and automatically plays every time the app or website is opened. Brands can buy the slot for a 24-hour period meaning it will become inescapable.

Facebook Told To Stop Tracking Non-Users Or Face Fines In France: Privacy regulator accuses Facebook of undisclosed cookie-based tracking of internet users who do not have Facebook accounts.

Snickers Marilyn Monroe or Daniel Dafoe: Snickers is running “Marilyn Monroe”, a Super Bowl commercial continuing the classic “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” theme. Willem Dafoe plays a hungry version of Monroe in a recreation of the skirt scene in the 1955 film “The Seven Year Itch”.