Coca Cola Introduces #CokeNawaazi, Vada Pav With Coke, Parantha With Coke & Other Weird Combos

Coca Cola is taking 'mehman nawaazi' to a new level with #CokeNawaazi where vada pav is being served with coke, paranthas are being had with coke, 4's and 6's are being celebrated with shots of Coke

Back in the days when social media was all new and intriguing, brands were in the chase for fans on Facebook. Achieving a million fans on Facebook was considered a major milestone in a brand’s social media community engagement journey. Brands celebrated it with great pomp and creativity, and sometimes also ‘bought likes’ to stay ahead of the competition.

In 2012, beverage major, Coca Cola had created history when it crossed the 50 million ‘likes’ milestone. Now the brand stands at more than 94 million fans and is purely focussing on pressing a new concept on them. It’s called #CokeNawaazi. The new campaign is a branch off its recent campaign ‘Coca-Cola pilao mehmano ko kareeb lao. The idea is to celebrate light, spontaneous and uninhibited moments with friends and family.

The TVC conceptualized by McCann Worldgroup featured brand ambassador Alia Bhatt as a newly-wed bride getting closer to her new relatives over glasses of chilled coke. In fact, its TVCs always revolve around getting rid of formalities between relationships, with Coke acting as an ice breaker.

‘Mehman Nawaazi’ takes on many avatars in the new campaign on Facebook. Coke is trying to woo Indians for whom tea, lassi is a staple beverage. And, it’s doing this in interesting visuals and videos.

#MehmanNawaazi is now #CokeNawaazi

Types of #CokeNawaazi

The Facebook page started sharing visuals depicting social situations where people met together over traditional food combinations. But, the video released after every visual story told a completely new story. Mumbai’s very popular street food ‘vada pav’ that’s always accompanied by a steaming cup of cutting chai has now been replaced with Coke; that’s the Mumbai wali #CokeNawaazi. Coke also replaces a ‘Patiala lassi’ and shots!

Kitty party wali #CokeNawaazi


Patialey wali #CokeNawaazi


Aamchi Mumbai wali #CokeNawaazi


Birthday wali #CokeNawaazi


Diwali wali #CokeNawaazi


Cricket wali #CokeNawaazi

From ‘Open Happiness’ to desi speak

Coke is, probably for the very first time, getting more Indian-ized in its communication. The brand is looking to capture every social get together and festive occasion with this new kind of ‘mehman nawaazi‘. But, giving a twist to the vada pav- chai combo might be taking things a tad too far in Coke Nawaazi; it comes across like a desperate attempt by the cola major to woo the average Indian city dweller.

Trying to compete with traditional Indian beverages rather than complementing them looks weird. I can’t bring myself to even imagine washing down yummy paranthas not with a chilled lassi but Coke. And please leave alone Mumbaikars with their ‘chai‘ and vada pav. 4’s and 6’s in a game of cricket being celebrated with shots of Coke looks fine though.

Globally, Coke and other aerated drinks are being replaced with fresh juices and other healthier options. Consumers are wary of ‘opening happiness’ and pouring ‘drops of joy’. Perhaps #CokeNawaazi is too late in coming to India. Its competitor Pepsi has stolen the show many a times. This IPL read How Coke Missed On Digital Storytelling For #OpenHappiness In India While Pepsi Scored With #CrashThePepsiIPL.