CNN-IBN Launches ‘Clean Up India’ In The Run Up To Independence Day

CNN-IBN has launched the 'Clean up India' campaign where citizens can share pictures or videos of garbage and filth in their cities through a website, and the channel will ensure it reaches out to the city authorities


India is in dire need to be cleaned up. The country never fails to make it to the list of dirtiest places or most polluted places in the world in such surveys. As per a World Health Organisation data report, nearly half of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world were in India.

The newly elected PM, Narendra Modi had announced a massive project worth crores to clean up the Ganges river, but the crying need of the hour is to clean up the entire country, to demand accountability from the people authorised for the same, and to work together towards a cleaner India.

In the run up to Independence day on the 15th of August, CNN-IBN has begun a special initiative to “Clean up India”. It is a project in which people can be involved by sharing their experiences of how there is a complete lack of civic sense across the country.

Clean up India” campaign has an online platform where one can help identify the areas in their cities that are eyesores and unhygienic due to filth and garbage. These Clean India Heroes will be invited to share this information with the channel in the form of pictures, videos and messages along with their suggestions and ideas to tackle this issue.

The channel will help bring this to the notice of the concerned authorities and try to catalyse necessary action. As per BestMediaInfo, the programming details are as follows:

Show the Filth: 60-90 second capsules will run in the news bulletins through the day where CNN-IBN reporters will cover various spots in different cities where garbage is routinely dumped. The combination of visuals and vox pops will feature the views of the locals and will also highlight the reaction of relevant Government officials on this.

Clean India Heroes: Special stories in the news bulletins to profile individuals and groups who are doing their bit to keep the city clean.

The ‘Clean India’ initiative will culminate with a special one-hour show on the eve of Independence Day, where a panel of experts and policymakers will discuss and share their insights on how to tackle this issue.

Great initiative by CNN IBN for the country’s 68th Independence Day; if you want to declare a war against garbage dumps in your locality, then this is the time to do so, as the media is on your side.