CloneMe- Kotak Life’s Facebook App

Clone me is Kotak's new facebook app for the Fayde ki baat Facebook campaign

Don’t you sometimes wish that you could be in two places at a time?  So if a genie were to grant you that, wouldn’t you wish to make a ‘copy’ of yourself or at least a virtual copy? Kotak has done just that for you; now you can create your virtual clone who can post on your behalf or wish your friends on their birthdays or simply share links that you would have. In short, your clone would do all the mundane Facebooking for you while you work at ease.

The page titled ‘Fayde ki baat’ by Kotak Life Insurance does have an active wall sharing various ways to discover ‘fayda’ in your life. All you have to do is create your clone with the help of the CloneMe app.

CloneMe App

The app is really simple and fun to use but first you have to ‘like’ the ‘Fayde ki baat’ Kotak Facebook page.  You start with selecting a gender (which means you could reverse your clone’s gender if you wish so), select a face for your clone (either one of your profile pictures or upload a new one), select some clothes from an interesting set, select a personality type from funny, worldly wise and philosophical and finally select a range of interests right from football to photography and there you go – Your clone is now ready to manage your life on Facebook!

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‘Fayde ki baat’ by Kotak Life Insurance  is one of the many digital extensions of their recently launched TVC ‘Mere Jaisa Koi’.  Taking the aspect of ‘Fayda’ to all areas in our life is indeed a smart move for a life insurance brand. And by allowing fans to create their Facebook clones, Kotak has managed to bring the magic of fayda into their lives. But is the app really smart?

The effectiveness of the app is really in question.

1. Even though the app is my clone but why in the first place I would like to have it on Facebook. I don’t want my social life to be controlled.

2. The other concern with the app is – what will it post on my behalf? The app does the job of a clone, it has wished my friend whom I had already wished on her birthday and also posted a funny video. So you really don’t know what content is going on your wall. According to Facebook guidelines an app must show you the content that it is going to post on your wall. ((Check out the Facebook App Guidelines– Application Integration Points))

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]If a user grants you a publishing permission, you must still obtain consent from the user before taking any action on the user’s behalf, such as publishing content or creating an event. [/pullquote]

3. The app does post an update on my wall to show my friends that  I am using the app but if you click the app you are asked to again re-design a new clone. This is really not a smart way of working and even the app is asking basic things which it can anyways obtain from the Facebook profile such as gender details.

Although the TVC of ‘Fayde ki baat’ really makes sense but the replication of that in terms of a Facebook app is not that cool and is clueless too. Have you given a try to the app and does it work for you?