Clean & Clear’s #Readyface Wants To Change The Way Teenage Girls Look At The Mirror

Clean & Clear's ‘See the real me’ has taken on a larger role in the wellbeing of teenage girls, it wants them to find their courage in front of the mirror

Clean & Clear has been making meaningful strides in connecting better with its most active consumer – the acne-prone teenage girl. For the acne control brand from Johnson & Johnson, acne has been the subject of a larger issue with teenagers, one that it began to address in its global campaign rolled out last year called ‘See the real me’.

The brand took on many non-actors to share what being real meant to them. A series of video documentaries featured girls who’ve chosen to pursue passions that challenge societal expectations. Through these stories of real girls and how they faced their inner fears by being themselves, Clean & Clear began its journey that of a friend to teenage girls – who’ll help build self confidence in them.

Back home, a TVC featured many girls sharing their oily face problems and the name-calling they were subjected to like Halwai, Ms. Chip-chip, Sticky-picky, etc. Post using Clean & Clear, they said that people have stopped calling them names and instead are recognizing them for their true selves.

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Carrying the conversations further, the brand had launched ‘See the Real Me’ video, in association with Culture Machine. It featured a bunch of pretty happy faces that are very subtly telling the society that they won’t accept names given to them on the basis of their appearances anymore.

While a female voice over starts on a sarcastic note, you see young girls carrying placards of what they are being called based on their outer appearance – ‘Laddoo Rani’, ‘Zipper Mouth’, ‘Double Battery’, ‘Bookworm’, ‘Lambu’, ‘Tingu’, etc. Gradually, the tone gets encouraging while the girls now begin to show their real personality. While one of them is a boxing champ, the other is a baker, a dancer, a violinist and so on.

Viewers were encouraged to show the world their real side by uploading their photos or videos on the brand’s Facebook page for a chance to win exciting prizes.

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Now in its second year, the ‘See the real me’ has taken on a larger role in the well-being of teenage girls, with its campaign #ReadyFace.

The objective of #ReadyFace is to change the way teenage girls look at the mirror. Clean & Clear is defining #ReadyFace as that face you make in front of the mirror that helps you find the courage to show the world the real you. It’s a powerful look that turns your self-doubt into self-affirmation. It’s a face that tells you, “You’re ready for anything”.

To convey this, the brand has created a video for teenagers that can only be seen in front of a mirror.

Once you hold the video in front of the mirror, it tells you the kind of questions you ask in the mirror, often about why your eyes are smaller/bigger, why your skin isn’t fairer, why you aren’t cool and so on. It then asserts you to make your confident expression, the one that tells the world ‘I am who I am’. It tells you to take a good look at the mirror to see your smile, your courage, your #ReadyFace.

Social media channels are being used to encourage girls to share their ‘ready face’.

Conveying a self-affirmative message through the mirror

A mirror is the most common tool used in personality growth workshops. You are encouraged to spend time with yourself, to discover yourself by just standing in front of a mirror. You are asked to let go of all that anger you have towards your looks and what people call you by. Clean & Clear’s #ReadyFace tries to do the same with teenage girls. Asking them to stand in front a mirror and find their courage, their #ReadyFace’, instead of asking themselves questions about their eyes, skin, hair, is a cool idea to make for a digitally interactive as well as an encouraging campaign.

Clean & Clear is in sync with the struggles that teens experience, often related to their looks and thereby confidence levels. For a youth-driven brand, it is going in the right direction with teens now being subjected to more bullying via social media. It also helps promote its new foaming face wash that helps prevent pimples, oily shine and blackheads, aiding teens to have that #ReadyFace all the time.