Clean & Clear Invites Teens To Show Their Real Selves Via #SeeTheRealMe Contest

Clean & Clear's ''See the Real Me' campaign has now launched a contest inviting teenagers to share stories of their real selves and win big

clean & clear seetherealme

Clean & Clear is gradually reaching out to the masses with its ‘See the Real Me’ campaign. This year the Johnson & Johnson brand with a range of acne control products, has embarked on a global journey to reach out to the most acne-prone consumer segment – the teenagers, and has been encouraging them to be comfortable in their own skin.

In its recent television commercial, a number of girls share their oily face problems and the name-calling they are subjected to like halwai, Ms. Chip-chip, Sticky-picky, etc. Post using Clean & Clear, they say that people have stopped calling them names and instead are recognizing them for their true selves. The ad ends with a display of the campaign hashtag, thereby implying the conversations on #SeeTheRealMe will carry on across social networks.

Carrying the conversations further, the brand has launched ‘See the Real Me’ video, in association with digital video entertainment company, Culture Machine. It features a bunch of pretty happy faces that are very subtly telling the society that they won’t accept names given to them on the basis of their appearances anymore.

While a female voice over starts on a sarcastic note, you see young girls carrying placards of what they are being called based on their outer appearance - ‘Laddoo Rani’, ‘Zipper Mouth’, ‘Double Battery’, ‘Bookworm’, ‘Lambu’, ‘Tingu’, etc. Gradually, the tone gets encouraging while the girls now begin to show their real personality. While one of them is a boxing champ, the other is a baker, a dancer, a violinist and so on.

The video ends with encouraging the viewer to show the world their real side. One can upload photos or videos of their real stories on the Clean & Clear Facebook page, and stand a chance to win iPods, cameras and gift hampers. The Facebook contest is being taken care by Digitas LBi, Clean & Clear’s official digital agency.

While the Facebook page had been sharing appealing visual content on the brand’s new positioning, along with skin care tips, this is the second phase of the campaign that focuses on engagement. Following the buzz around the TVC and encouraging teenagers to be confident in their own skin, a fun video accompanied by a contest further helps participation. The incentives are also targeted for the youth. The new video has been well received with over 178K views in a week.

Changing mindsets

For a youth brand like Clean & Clear, it makes sense to talk to them and be a friend, rather than telling them how your product helps in getting rid of acne, open pores and blackheads. Apparently, Clean & Clear’s ‘See the Real Me’ is taking a walk down the iconic Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign that revolutionized the advertising space forever. Unilever’s personal care brand, Dove had created history when it celebrated real beauty by casting real women and not models in its ad. It is still the talking point for brands that go beyond skin deep beauty to celebrate the real women inside.

‘See the Real Me’ has all the potential to celebrate true beauty and the tone is apt for teenagers. The girls shout out to the world that they will be open to people judging them only after knowing their real self. ”See the Real Me’ is what they want to say to all the detractors out there, thereby moving beyond being just a campaign, to being a positive affirmation for all impressionable young minds out there.

A brilliantly focused marketing strategy by Clean & Clear, one that can be further leveraged by showcasing all the stories sent in by viewers.