Cinthol’s DeoStick Is Unlike Any Other Deo, It’s #DeoReborn, Says New Campaign

If the idea of the campaign is to create awareness about the revolutionary new product at an affordable price point, the job's well done

Youth marketing brands today can’t try every trick in the book, there isn’t any book with the best tried and proven techniques in digital marketing to the youth. Brands are left to their own devices to figure out innovative means to catch the attention of this ever evolving youth demographic, amid the milieu of competing brands, and the fast technological changes seen in user behaviour.

Sometimes they fail, sometimes they piss off their young TG, but oftentimes they remain etched in memory. Like Godrej Cinthol’s #DeoItYourself Ball Pen Art Project launched in 2014. The company that makes deodorants, bathing soaps and shower gels, had then launched its range of skin-safe deos that were non-alcohol based. So, what’s ball pens got to do with it, you ask?

Simple, ball pen ink dissolves in alcohol. The brand demonstrated this in its digital film as well as offline activities at colleges, CCD’s, and shopping outlets. The digital film had people spray deo on the paintings made by ball pen artists, the ink begins to run. They are then given Cinthol deos to spray, but this time the ball pen paintings don’t get runny.

This year, the brand has rolled out a new product – a deodorant that lasts long, is easy to use and pocket friendly too. Claiming to be a revolutionary product in the space of deodorants, the new Cinthol DeoStick is a cream based deo available in six fragrances that lasts 3X longer than ordinary deo sprays and is priced at INR 69.

The TVC titled ‘DeoReborn’ is again conceptualized by the brand’s agency, Creativeland Asia. It begins with introducing the product that could have come as a deo spray, but chose to sacrifice. The voiceover continues to talk about why the new Cinthol DeoStick made this sacrifice and what it has to offer in this new cream form, while men and women in workout outfits are seen absorbed in their deostick.

Despite being in cream form, you do not need to use your hands to apply this deo. Watch this stylish video guide to know how:

Apart from this stylish video for the digital savvy generation, Cinthol ran a little contest on social media prior to the big reveal. #Reborn invited fans to share reborn stories similar to the ones shown in the visuals, for a chance to win brand merchadise. Then came the visuals which left fans guessing about what’s the new reborn product from the brand. To amplify the campaign on digital, the brand teamed with a bunch of sports celebrities and youth influencers to tweet about it. There’s Badminton champion Saina Nehwal, Tennis champion Sania Mirza, ex-roadie and actor Rannvijay Singha sharing about this revolutionary new product.

A deo cream in a stick!

Reborn may not be as exciting as the DeoItYourself Ball pen art project, but it has certainly tried hard at creating some impact in its digital launch. The #reborn contest with its relevant visuals and influencer outreach have together helped create buzz for the launch. However, the stylish product application demo video looked unnecessary to me at first, as we can also see how people in the TVC are using it. On second thoughts, I realized it may be needed, after all we know about sprays, we know about deo gels, but deo cream in a stick is something unheard of!

If the idea of the launch is to create awareness about the revolutionary new product at an affordable price point in a fixed price expensive deo market, the job’s well done.

The only disconnect I find here is the campaign association with ‘Alive is Awesome’, Cinthol’s new brand positioning that steered clear from promoting the much-berated, much-parodied ad concept adopted by most deo brands - deos help you get girls or get invited to a boat party full of barely clad girls. ‘Alive is Awesome’ was all about freshness, vibrancy, awesomeness and most of all, it was gender neutral, and non-suggestive. In comparison, Deo Reborn has made some subtle hints in its campaign, something that could have been totally avoided.