How Cinthol Proves It Is Alcohol-Free With The #DeoItYourself Ball Pen Art Project

Godrej Cinthol has launched the #DeoItYourself Ball Pen Art Project, through which it demonstrates what alcohol based deos can do to your skin; here we look at the digital and social activities of the launch

Deodorant advertisements have barely evolved beyond how a little spray can get you girls or an invite to a boat party full of girls. More often than not, you can predict the storyline for most deo ads but forget the brand name in the clutter. Which is what Godrej had steered away from, for its personal care brand Cinthol through its ‘Alive is awesome’ positioning; and managed to build a significant mind space for its range of deodorants, bathing soaps and shower gels.

But this time, Godrej Cinthol deodorant has embarked on an ambitious eye-opening advertisement that actually validates its deos as alcohol-free and thus safe for your skin. In the three-and-half-minute film, it manages to make you switch to its deos with no alcohol by connecting it with ball point pens, and quite convincingly too!

Cinthol collaborated with a group of ball pen artists to help reveal the truth about alcohol-based deos. The film is in the first person account by one of the ball pen artists whose team was invited for this project. He describes the making of ball pen paintings on huge canvases which were then mounted on to the top of an under-construction building. The entire performance was in front of curious onlookers, and deliberately outside a studio.

While the people are applauding, they are invited to spray on to the paintings with the deos provided by the artists. The ball pen ink in the paintings dissolves due to the alcohol, leaving the people rather shocked. The artists then carry a poster with this message in bold, “If your alcohol based deo can melt ball pen ink, imagine what damage it can do to your skin”.

They are then given Cinthol deos to spray, but this time the ball pen paintings don’t get runny.

The ad film ‘#DeoItYourself Ball Pen Art Project’ uploaded a day ago on the brand’s YouTube channel has garnered 900+ views till now, and was introduced after an interesting social media teaser driven by Twitter and the campaign hashtag.

Two days prior to the shocking reveal, folks on Twitter were invited to share what deos they used other than Cinthol along with their reason to do so. They were also told to be honest with their answers, for a chance to win vouchers from BookMyShow and Flipkart. The user response tweets were then sketched with a ball pen and then sprayed onto with the deo used by the user. Not too hard to figure out, the tweets went runny with the alcohol base. Videos of these demos were then shared with each of the users who had participated.

After 2 days of demonstrating the effect of alcohol-based deos on ball pen ink, the brand revealed the eye-opening ad film.

An effective product demo

Cinthol’s #DeoItYourself Ball Pen Art Project will surely have you investigating your own deos, like I did. Bringing the connect between ball pen ink and alcohol based deodorants and that too, on such an innovative scale with ball pen artists, will surely create a memorable brand recall. In terms of concept, it is bang on; you are convinced to switch to the skin safe product at once.

The social media reveal is another aspect that stands out in this campaign. Apart from gearing up their fans for what is in store, it also brought in some creative engagement with the community by destroying their tweets written with ball pen ink. The USP of the product i.e its alcohol-free base, has been proved quite effectively in all content pieces.

The time has come to switch over to a new deo, and you know which it is. Do share your views on this creative campaign, does it convince you to switch over too?