Inside Chumbak’s #MakeHappy Philosophy On Instagram

A look at how quirky accessories store, Chumbak is leveraging Instagram to build a strong community of brand loyalists, as part of its #MakeHappy philosophy


Think about quirky accessories in bright fuschia, turmeric yellow and saffron pink colors and you can’t help but think about ‘Chumbak’, India’s very own company adding a dose of Indian-ness to the things we use everyday – bags, wallets, mugs, key chains and more.

Founded in 2010 by the husband and wife duo, Vivek Prabhakar and Shubhra Chadda with an array of India-inspired fridge magnets, today the funded company has an online store and a robust chain of stores selling wall art, phone cases, storage tins, travel accessories and is adding new products designed completely in-house.

Chumbak’s popularity is very much a social media driven one. The brand’s quirky products made news for its sole usage of Facebook for marketing and advertising in the early years. In fact, Chumbak is also one of the first brands in India to feature as a global Facebook case study.

The brand has been pro-social media, a trait that can be seen in the way it projects itself and interacts with its fans on various social networks. With over 417K Chumbak fans on Facebook and 33.9K followers on Instagram, it’s hard to believe that when it started out there was no specific content strategy in place but only a very clearly defined tone of voice on social media.

“In the last year or so we have started figuring out the exact roles all the social media channels play in our content strategy,” informed Vivek Prabhakar, Founder at Chumbak.

“Facebook is great to talk about product and what’s coming up. Twitter is immense in getting in touch with our influencers and getting the word out about what we are doing and the Blog and Instagram are brilliant at engagement and putting out content that we really love and would tie into our ‘MakeHappy’ philosophy,” he summed up on Chumbak’s philosophy for social media.

Chumbak today has a robust closely knit community on Instagram, and this is not only courtesy of it being a visual brand. Fans look forward to new posts and always make it a habit to flaunt their new Chumbak buys on Instagram. “We have fans who look forward to our posts. Especially the posts that are about Hugo, the Chumbak Dog or food or travel always seems to pique their interest. Including the pictures they post of Chumbak products or stores which we always make a point of replying or liking.”

Yoga Day’s coming up & Yogi Baba approves! He loves teaching everyone here, even Hugo #yogaday #bobblehead #collectibles #MakeHappy

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Chumbak began posting on Instagram in early 2014. There was no stated objective back then, only sharing Chumbak products. All this changed in the last six months. The brand now focuses on its Instagram page, just like its other social media pages, to tie into the Chumbak ‘#MakeHappy’ philosophy - which is “what we represent as a brand in creating happy experiences across all our channels and just bringing smiles from all the madness we are up to.”

“The objective today is to tell everyone what we are up to, what keeps us ticking and stuff that really excites us. Even our product pictures have become a lot more engaging and a lot less intrusive.”  

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The brand never misses out an opportunity to engage its community. Not only with customers who tag them when they take a picture with anything Chumbak but also with other brands who get in touch. Contests also do the trick. For the launch of its Gelato flavour, the brand ran a contest asking people what flavor they would want it to be. “It was the most fun few days we had on Instagram monitoring the answers.”

Chumbak has also been experimenting with videos on Instagram. This video snippet shows a cute wall art in the making:

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The road ahead on Instagram will see more of videos but the core essence of the brand will remain the same on the photo-sharing network. Chumbak believes that interesting content and continuous engagement with its community is all that’s required on Instagram. “We don’t believe in taking things too seriously. We want to keep the tone of voice on Instagram of that of a fun friend whose feed you would love to check to just see what they are up to.”

Fun it is, as can be seen on the posts.

Rewriting History 🙂 #throwbackthursday #chumbak #hahatypes

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