Now Get Chivas Listed Through Facebook

About the 'Get Chivas Listed' Facebook app by Chivas India that enables a fan to get listed and be part of an exclusive inner circle.


Think Chivas Regal and you are immediately reminded of rich whisky from the master blenders. Their flagship events ‘ The Chivas Studio’ is the ultimate culmination of the best in art, design, fashion, music, cinema - basically the finer things of life. And if there is anything more exclusive than the brand and its associations, it is the people who have access to it better known as ‘The inner circle’.

So, in a world that is accessible only on invitation, giving fans a chance to be part of the inner circle and get closer to the Chivas Studio is a refreshing change. Now you can get on the Chivas India Facebook page so that you can get listed in The Chivas List 2012, an annual  selection featuring the most inventive and interesting people of our times.

Getting Chivas listed means being at the centre of the most exclusive inner circle to experience a world of luxury and privileged connections with Chivas listed celebrities like Film maker Karan Johar and Music Director Ranjit Barot, among other accomplished entities, and access to limited edition collectibles, etc.

About Get Chivas Listed Facebook app

The brand has created a Facebook app ‘Get Chivas Listed‘ that needs you to ‘like’ the page to begin with. The beautifully designed app then takes in your preferred areas of interest like Art & Culture, Fashion & Lifestyle and Luxury & Leadership along with displaying the benefits of each when you hover your mouse cursor over them. Once you click ‘submit’, the app creates an exclusive virtual gold card with your name and display picture and you are Chivas Listed!

You can edit your name or change the image if you wish to. Drag and drop your card to access the inner circle. Once in, the app displays the list of celebrities in the inner circle along with a signed message from Karan Johar. You are then given a choice of messages to share with your Facebook friends and boast about being part of the privileged inner circle.

Clicking on the golden cube where you can get Chivas to host a party for you, is a way to feature in the Chivas List 2012. But, remember  to have significant contributions in the creative field or entrepreneurship, besides being above 25 years of age! The app has a provision to upload your claims in the form of press articles, blogs, websites, photographs or other references upto a maximum of 10 Mb data. You can also enter your active social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog.

Exclusivity through Facebook

A brilliant campaign for a brand that stands for living with chivalry! This is probably the first time that I’ve come across a luxury signature brand opening its doors on Facebook. Giving an exclusive opportunity to aspiring fans to get access to or feature in what is an ‘invite only’ basis inner circle, is a master stroke in itself. The Chivas Studio, known for its breathtaking line up of exquisite fashion shows, unforgettable music performances, quirky arts and design installations is sure to have many aspirants to avail this offer.

The choice of Facebook and using the share feature in it will work in the favour of the brand. Networks like Facebook thrive on the basic human trait of sharing the good things of life and if the good things comprise of having access to privileged circles and possibly fame and pictures with celebrities, it is a winner.

The campaign also helps build a relevant community by being a ‘like’ campaign. The beautiful design and layout of the app left me quite impressed too. I believe ‘Get Chivas Listed’ is a successful campaign in reaching its objective as well as building a long term community of Chivas loyals.

What are your thoughts? Have you listed yourself?