Ching’s Secret, Ranveer Singh And Akshaya Patra Come Together For ‘#Rs750SeHungerKiBajao’

Ranveer Singh drives a CSR campaign for noodle brand, Ching's Secret in association with Akshaya Patra for providing meals to children, by banking on his social media clout

Ching's Ranveer hungerkibajao

Premium Hakka Chinese brand, Ching’s Secret from one of India’s fastest growing food companies Artal Group is all set to walk the talk. The brand has given an actionable voice to its tagline, ‘Hunger Ki Bajao’ through its latest mission - ‘India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao!’ in partnership with Akshaya Patra, a not-for-profit organisation that runs the world’s largest mid-day meal programme covering 1.4 million children from 10,661 schools across 10 states in India.

Ching’s Secret has roped in, who else but the ever vivacious brand ambassador and actor, Ranveer Singh who made quite a splash last year with his debut ad film singing and dancing for Ching’s in ‘My name is Ranveer Ching’. For ‘India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao!’, Ranveer is seen having a good time with school kids, while they figure out what all can be bought with Rs. 750 in these times.

He then goes on to list things like movie tickets at a multiplex, two cups of coffee, one drink at a bar, one set of handkerchiefs, a lipstick, concert tickets among other stuff one can buy for Rs. 750. All the while, he is seen interacting with the kids – drinking water and being splashed some water at, braiding a girl’s pigtail, taking selfies with them, and more.

He then moves to how only a donation of Rs 750 can help feed a child for a year. Towards the end, Ranveer is seen in his characteristic demeanour, asking the viewer not to close the video and go ahead and donate. He continues to make his plea, urging the viewer to click on the website and make a donation, unless you want to hear his cheesy dialogues.

The campaign has a well-designed website ‘Hunger ki Bajao’ that gives more information on the initiative, and the donations made so far. The campaign goal to is reach 1 million donations and so far it has received over 7K donations.

While the campaign has made it to mainstream media, Ranveer ‘Ching’, Ching’s Secret and Akshaya Patra are also making their best efforts to spread the word on social media. The hashtag #Rs750SeHungerKiBajao is already tending at the top on Twitter, with the scores of tweets made by the brands involved and Ranveer himself. There’s also a fan club that’s raking in the goodness.

Brands are also doing their best with the help of relevant visuals.

Hunger ki bajao social reach se!

‘India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao!’ is a good example of leveraging social media for social good, spearheaded by a popular actor loved by both the young and the old. Ranveer Singh adds life to the message, while making it a convincing one by way of comparison with frivolous expenses today’s lifestyle demands, like multiplex movie tickets or a drink at a bar. Surely, a child’s meal for a year at the same cost pushes one to think and make a donation right away.

The same has been extended on the social media platforms; Ranveer Singh’s official Twitter account and his fan clubs are making the most of this initiative to drive donations through social media. Akshaya Patra and Ching’s Secret have together tapped a large audience by roping in the social savvy actor.

The campaign also helps bring alive Ching’s Secret’s brand promise ‘Hunger Ki Bajao’ in the most positive way. A noble cause meets smart execution and a well-timed call-to-action.