Chicks On Flicks Airing On Facebook Now

Chicks On Flicks Airing On Facebook Now

‘Chicks on Flicks’, the Hollywood movie review show on Sony PIX is back but with a small twist. The show, which went off air, is live but this time you won’t see the chicks reviewing movies on the idiot box. From now on you would find Ira Dubey and Neha Sareen on Facebook reviewing movies for you.

Neha Sareen and Ira Dubey


A trend soon to be followed by all the review sites. Logically it doesn’t make any sense that you get to know about movie reviews a week after the whole world has seen it. In today’s fast paced life you want the reviews to be live by end of Friday so that you know what you should watch in the weekend. Sunder Aaron, Business Head, PIX, said,

“In an age where youngsters are constantly hooked on to social networking sites, ‘Chicks on Flicks’ could not have had a better platform. The show will also be very current since reviews will be shared the same day as the theatrical release of the films through Facebook. This new season of ‘Chicks on Flicks’ is very special to us and we are very proud to share it with our viewers.”


The Facebook fan page that boasts of having more than two and half lakh fans has developed a new app named ‘Chicks on Flicks’ exclusive for it’s Facebook fans. In other words, it means that you will have to like the page to check out the reviews of Ira and Neha. The app has a cool look and is also basic in the functionality at the moment. The app has two sections- 1) Reviews and 2) Trailer. The review section has embedded Youtube videos that are basically the reviews of Ira and Neha. The trailer section is simply a snippet of the Hollywood movie that is being reviewed. For example if you check out the app now then you will find reviews and trailer of Tom Cruise’s Hollywood action flick Mission Impossible 4, Ghost Protocol.

Chicks On Flicks App


The Facebook app is cool but Sony Pix can think of making it more engaging with time. Some of my early thoughts of improvement are as follows:

1. The app has trailers section so it could also have the trailers of movies that are going to be reviewed next week. Even the hosts can add videos about what they expect from latest releases. It will add more content and excitement for fans.

2. Reviews from Ira and Neha are great but social media is all about being more social. So how about inviting fans to post their reviews too and then the chicks select the best one to show them on the app. Rewarding with some goodies will always help to spread the word. This will not only enhance the reviews but it will be a great way to engage with fans.


I am hopeful that with time Sony PIX will introduce new features but it’s a very clever and thoughtful move with the changing times. You really don’t want to see a week old review and this way Sony PIX is also targeting the youngsters and the loads of junta who spend most of the time on Facebook. Sony PIX also would be trying its hand in Facebook ads to spread the word about its cool move. Sharing thoughts on the marketing strategy Himmat Butalia, Marketing Head, PIX, said,

“We are going to make an application on Facebook. Along with that we will also have stamp ads. These stamp ads would appear on the wall of those people who have not liked Sony PIX’s page, that way they would come to know about ‘Chicks on Flicks’.”


I think that this is a great move in a country where social media is growing in leaps and bounds – Sony PIX has done a smart job. So will you support the early adopters or you would have preferred the show to be aired on the idiot box?

Source: Exchange4Media