Chhattisgarh Tourism Board Is Engaging On Social Media

by Prasant on February 13, 2022


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It would be really interesting if we do a poll and ask our countrymen if they have  heard about Chattisgarh and what comes to their mind first when they hear the name. I am sure people will consider it to be a land of jungles and some may think that it is the hinterland of Maoists. Chhattisgarh is more than that, it is a state of rich tribal culture and also heaven on earth for travelers to explore. To transform this image in the minds of tourists globally the Chhattisgarh Tourism Board (CTB) has launched a 360-degree campaign with investments in social media as told by Business Standard.

The campaign that is built on the “Chhattisgarh Full of Surprises” theme has roped in Internet Moguls as their social media agency. CTB presently has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Flickr and also is managing a Blog.

Chhattisgarh Tourism Board

CTB's Landing Page

Facebook Presence:

The page has gathered a small community of more than four thousand fans and that is a good number to engage with the community. The wall is active and the sincerity to post variety of content can be found which is really impressive. Tourism gives a wide variety for one to mix and match with content and that is being done. However the links posted with the content are not that smart and at times it is clueless. For example if you see the below post, the content is about the Madai Festival which is really a cool information but the link provided leads to another relevant site and not to the CTB’s blog. It would be really smart if CTB posts such interesting content and for more information drives fans to the Blog which should be attached to the main CTB travel portal. Not only have you bought the time of your fan but it will drive quality leads too.

Apart from that the page is indulging in conversations and that is really commendable. I often find this missing from most of the pages and especially when it is related to government. One would wish that this should be encouraged more and more.

My Thoughts:

The page also has a tab for the most active fans, a Google Plus tab that leads you to the Google Plus profile, Youtube and Flickr too. Having a Youtube presence is a smart move and the collection of videos is interesting. Going further it could be a great resource of engagement. Beauty shown in videos will always be appealing and that’s why I would expect video content also being shared on the wall. However apart from that I would question if seriously there is a need to have so many tabs and confuse the fan. With this the landing page is good but could be made more interactive. How about embedding a video, which highlights the need of CTB on Facebook from a CTB official. Gives more reason for a fan to know what he or she could expect from the fan page and brings the social aspect too. The Google Plus page is an ambitious attempt but then there is hardly any engagement going on. Twitter and Blog need a more professional touch. The Twitter link embedded on the portal is misleading and the Blog needs more focus in terms of content, navigability, etc. So I believe it would be great to do a test to see if all the present social network sites are driving the expected results.

Nevertheless, I really appreciate the move of CTB to spread the hidden wealth of Chhattisgarh in India and globally too. Social Media chosen as one of the mediums is not a surprise but calls for an applause. I am sure that efforts taken by Government boards of states such as CTB will set a benchmark and motivate other states to have a look and think on the far reaching benefits.


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  • Anonymous

    Good to see states now leaping in for the SM :)  

    • Prasant Naidu

      not bad actually :)

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