Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Using Social Media

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Using Social Media

Every now and then we find that a new Indian business is donning the social savvy hat, although the truth is that very few understand the social business and how to engage with customers. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport(CSIA), Mumbai has become India’s first airport to board the flight of Social Media. International Airports using Social Media effectively is growing day by day. Changi International Airport, Heathrow Airport, etc. are terrific case studies and even CSIA Mumbai is effectively engaging with customers via Social Media.

Social Media Presence of CSIA

CSIA has launched its social media initiative via Facebook and Twitter. It really makes sense to grow slowly and CSIA with both it’s social networks is trying to achieve this.

CSIA Facebook: CSIA with 812 fans has made a great presence on Facebook within a short span. Their recent embrace of social media has been well appreciated by the patrons as seen in this thread:


Measuring the success of a Facebook fan page by its community count is naive. CSIA understands the social business well and it’s emphasis on few things such as providing required information, giving helpful updates and responding to fans constantly. With such an amazing engagement model, CSIA is successfully meeting its objective to be on Social Media. One of the examples of engagement can be seen in a thread.

Facebook Engagement

The welcome page is awesome with strong content to be liked and compels you to be a part of the community. The landing page is colorful and informative. The page has a real time app that is providing real time information of arrivals and departures. Though you can download a phone app, the welcome page gives a quick snapshot too.


  • Continuous Facebook engagement initiative will make the community more flourishing.
  • Providing information such as sharing links about safety rules, airport tips, anything that can make people’s journey happier in addition to flight information would be great.
  • Using apps such as Discussion and Questions can be great fun to make your fans talk on the wall.

CSIA Twitter:Along with an enriching Facebook presence, CSIA also has a solid Twitter profile. The Twitter page has an amazing background and with 846 followers it’s giving its own Facebook community some heat. The Twitter presence of @CSIAMumbai is  commendable and has achieved a desired tag of ‘Specialist’ from Klout. It is constantly updating, helping it’s Twitter community and trying to build relationships as noticed in one of the tweets.

Twitter Engagement

CSIA being a Specialist and influential about topics such as ‘Mumbai’ and ‘airports’ has generated an amazing Klout graph as seen below:

Klout Score

Though we are sure that CSIA can increase its influence with some more efforts on Twitter:


  • Continuous presence on Twitter will be helpful and will be appreciated by the community.
  • Engaging more with fans on a regular basis, asking for feedback, helping them with desired information asap will be appreciated too and lead to word of mouth.
  • Adding followers to your community would be great but we would like to know what the reason for not doing so is?

We would have loved to see a CSIA blog and hopefully in the future, integration of a few more social networks too. As of now CSIA is flying high after boarding the flight of Social Media and we wish them a safe flight.