How Carat-Isobar India Helped Chevrolet Sell 8 Trailblazer SUVs Through Amazon India In 5 Days

Case study by Carat-Isobar India in which the agency through a series of digital activities, successfully impacted the launch and sale of Trailblazer, the new SUV by Chevrolet

The client: Chevrolet India

The agency: Carat-Isobar India

Problem statement

Chevrolet India was looking to launch its SUV in the category, Trailblazer in India. Numerous hurdles were pre-empted as the brand had low awareness and consideration in the country and was facing a tough time dealing with all the negative sentiments.

Trailblazer being the biggest and most powerful launch, the brand was facing a tough competition from established SUV brands with proven track records. It was difficult to launch its biggest and most powerful SUV for Chevy as brand that was low in awareness and consideration to compete with SUVs who were from established brands and proven track records.

Identified objectives

The launch of the Trailblazer was the perfect time for the brand to revamp its image and position itself as a highly aspirational SUV brand. The aim was to position Trailblazer as a highly aspirational, best-in-class SUV, in a manner that will make people start looking at Chevrolet in a new light, leading to improved brand score and more consideration.

B2B digital campaign awards 2015

The Strategy/execution

We planned a multimedia approach that would focus on initiating consumer experiences while creating niche for Chevrolet. With the e-commerce industry booming in the country, it was the best time to leverage their platform, through a first-of-its-kind association. We partnered with the biggest player in the e-commerce industry, Amazon India —the first brand to do so—and created a clutter-breaking solution. This was supported with seeded and organic content on premium Auto portals and social media, which created ample hype before the launch and continued till the sustenance.

We started the pre-launch phase by creating a brand store on Amazon India where interested buyers could pre-book the Trailblazer. We had an exclusive 5-day partnership with Amazon India. Major impact properties were used to drive maximum traffic to the brand store where the users could book the car. The booking amount was kept INR 25,000. A total of 11 dealerships across Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Kochi, Mumbai and Thane were registered on Amazon to sell the Trailblazer bookings online.

Display banners were tactfully placed on Auto portals along with editorial content through fixed and managed placements. Branded content was also promoted on social media to obtain maximum reach and divert traffic to the Chevrolet website. Keyword targeting was done as per the brand pillar strategy, i.e. Retention, Awareness, Conquest, and Segment.

The much-awaited SUV of the year, Trailblazer, was launched on October 21st, 2015 at an on-ground event. To create intrigue around the event, and make the entire nation, a part of the launch, we tactically planned a live webcast of the launch event. The same was hosted and promoted on news and auto portals, including India Today, The Hindu, IBN Live, Autocar and To reach the relevant audience, we implemented custom segment targeting on LinkedIn’s CXOs Network and Business Traveler.

In the sustenance phase to continue generating leads and pre-booking, we promoted the Trailblazer brand video on Facebook, YouTube and video ad networks. The audience was targeted basis their interests, namely golf enthusiasts and travel lovers. Geo-targeted ads were deployed to drive footfall to the dealerships. The Chevrolet brand store on Amazon India continues to provide interested buyers with details about the Trailblazer.

This entire innovation successfully impacted the launch and sale of the majestic Chevrolet Trailblazer, which lead to a positive transformation of the brand image in the country.


  • 8 bookings for Chevrolet Trailblazer were sold through Amazon India in 5 days
  • #Trailblazer trended organically for over 3 hours
  • The search volume increased by 400% as compared to its competition, Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Over 176 PR stories were generated on top 10 news, business, finance and auto portals, which led to high brand exposure


Multimedia approach helped in creating a lot of buzz around the brand and generated positive conversations around the strategic partnership with Amazon.

This launch also helped in improving brand imagery and consideration.