Chennaites, Tweet With #TweetATee, Run To The Adidas Originals Store Today And Win A Tee

Adidas is asking people of Chennai to tweet #TweetATee, walk into the store and win a free tee in association with digital agency Liqvd Asia.


With every passing day brands are trying to use Twitter in innovative ways. The idea is to connect with people, give some goodies and promote their product. Adidas is doing the same in Chennai today, in association with digital agency Liqvd Asia.

The brand’s objective is to create a buzz about the Adidas Originals Store that has been newly launched in Chennai via Twitter and also drive more walk-ins to the store. To bring the online world to the store, LIQVD has started a Twitter contest. As a Twitter user you will have to tweet with the hashtag #TweetATee and visit the store between 5 P.M. and 5:15 P.M., to avail a free Adidas branded tee!


The microsite created for the occasion, has an inbuilt tweet option. In addition to this, the microsite has a timer that shows the time left for the event and is also showcasing the number of tweets and details of the tweet. The microsite has also taken care to explain the  event in a visual way along with all the required details.

Interestingly, the brand has no Twitter handle to support the event but they have partnered with OnlyChennai to promote the event and answer to all queries about the event. A brand presence on Twitter would have been the best way but the agency has updated that this is a one time activity right now. Going further, depending on the traction, the brand might create a social presence. I believe that brands like Adidas should work on creating communities rather than campaigns.

Although the Twitter contest is a simple one, it meets the objective of spreading  the word about the new store and increasing footfalls. Attracting the local crowd has also been one of the plus points since they would be much more interested in the store. While I write this article, tweets have started flowing in but the hashtag is yet to trend in Chennai or India trends.

Last year we had seen a similar initiative from Allen Solly to promote their ‘Friday Dressing’ concept. Fans were invited to the Garuda mall in Bangalore to tweet using the hashtag given with a particular code. The hashtag kept changing every 15 minutes and one had to tweet the fastest as the faster ones could win an Allen Solly shirt.

It would be interesting to see if the store has long queues or will be bombarded at 5:00 pm for the 100 free tees.