Chennai Super Kings Soar Up Engagement With Sir Jadeja On Social Media In IPL6

A review Of Chennai Super Kings performance on social media during the ongoing IPL season 6

Chennai Super Kings can be called as the most consistent team around in the Indian Premier League. Boasting of 2 IPL titles already and being consistent in this version as well, the MS Dhoni led team is expected to achieve the same performance when it comes to social media. The question is - is it living up to the expectations? Let’s find out. We look at their activity on social platforms with the help of Unmetric (3rd Apr – 25th Apr, 2013) to unearth what they are doing and if it is really worthy of a #whistlepodu.

CSK on Facebook

CSK has been one of the most consistent IPL teams to have higher engagement when compared with other IPL franchises. MS Dhoni has always been a crowd puller and pulls a ‘Rajnikanth’ for CSK as far as invoking responses from their fans is concerned. The newly crowned ‘Sir’ Ravindra Jadeja has been doing it this time along with Dhoni in this year’s edition. With more than 212K new fans added on their Facebook page from the start of the 6th edition of IPL, CSK has been steadily growing their Facebook Fan base at an average fan growth rate of 0.52%. Below is the daily trend of CSK’s engagement rate against their Fan Growth Rate in IPL 6:

CSK growth on Facebook IPL6

With the Fan demographics distribution tilted towards Male category (84%) ,53% of the fans  of CSK are below 21 years of age. The wall of CSK is closed and hence no fan can post any messages if they feel so. If inviting conversations, the IPL team would need to open their wall to their fans. But then as discussed in our week 3 review, most of the IPL teams have their walls open for the fans, but are not responding to them on Facebook. The content strategy has mostly been visual revolving around their main stars such as Dhoni, Raina and Hussey. Below are the top 5 posts listed by the highest engagement actions received:


Type of Post

Applause Rate*

Conversation Rate*

Amplification Rate*

Engagement Rate

Summer of 6

Photo Album





Dhoni and Raina welcome…..






Check out our Super Kings…






How Iss thizzzz?






Raise your hands Super Fans!







  • Applause Rate = # of Content likes/ Total Fans. Determines the tendency of the content being appreciated by it’s audience
  • Conversation Rate = # of Comments on Posts / Total Fans. Determines the audience enthusiasm in participating in the Brand’s conversations across it’s Facebook Pages
  • Amplification Rate = # of Shares / Total Fans. The possibility of the content being amplified among the user community and attaining a greater outreach

CSK’s social agency has taken the troll of ‘Sir’ Jadeja and turned it around to their advantage, with CSK addressing the superstar as ‘Sir’ in a humorous manner. As a result of which, the related posts received 60% more likes than the average CSK post and 20% more shares than the average post in IPL 6. Dhoni and Raina joined in the fun tweeting about Jadeja with a pinch of Rajnikanth-style jokes. Some of the tweets by the Cricketers which received quite a traction on Twitter, are given below:

Friday seems to be the best day for engagement for CSK’s Facebook page while Monday is the least preferred among the CSK Fans.

CSK on Twitter

The average Fan Growth Rate of @ChennaiIPL has been consistent at 2.5% in IPL 6 with an average of 38 tweets per day. Most of the CSK’s tweets were pro-active.

@ChennaiIP’s Follower Growth in IPL6

The average response time for the IPL team has been pretty good at 51 minutes with bulk of the tweets being responded within the first 15 minutes. #whistlepodu is the branded hashtag being used by @ChennaiIPL in most of their content with more than 450 mentions of the hashtag in their tweets.

ChennaiIPL’s Tweet Volume IPL6

CSK on YouTube

CSK has uploaded 6 videos in this edition with content mostly about the team behind the scenes which have got a decent traction on the tube. 1,500 new subscribers joined the channel during the time frame. The birthday celebration video of Vijay has been the most popular in this edition with more than 19K video views.

CSK Youtube Growth IPL6

When looking at their website, the design is in accordance with the theme and according to, an average visitor spends around 6 minutes on CSK’s website when analysed for the last 3 months. This when compared to the Mumbai Indians website is almost double. Only around 6% of the traffic for the Chennai Super King’s website is coming through social through which Facebook is the major contributor. The website boasts of it’s own add-ons like a shop link along with their official blog to follow around for latest CSK news and some behind the scene footage exclusive to their website.

Overall, with strength of a 2.1 million plus community, CSK is doing a good job engaging the fans with such a consistent manner. MS Dhoni seems to be the driving force behind most of the content and Captain Cool makes sure he does participate in conversations on Twitter to thank and acknowledge his fans, which is a cool initiative on his behalf. CSK indeed is maintaining that tag to be the IPL team to watch out for in Social Media as well.

What do you think CSK should do differently on social media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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