Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Hits 400,000 Fans With Excellent Engagement

A review of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's social media presence and how he has reached 400,000 Fans with excellent engagement

chef sanjeev kapoor

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is not a new name for television lovers. Sanjeev, who came in the limelight with his cooking show, Zee Khana Khazana is a renowned masterchef and author of bestselling cookbooks today. With time Sanjeev has evolved and today he is also a popular figure on social media with an engaging presence felt in most of the networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a blog. His growing social media presence touched a milestone when his Facebook community touched the 400K mark. To celebrate  this occasion and make the fans feel special, Sanjeev is running a  contest too.

The contest being run from 11th to 16th June, 2012, is a no brainer one and will make you lucky if you are one of the fans. Two lucky fans every day will receive a goodie bag from Sanjeev Kapoor. Fans would be selected randomly so the only criterion to win the contest is to have Lady Luck on your side.

Is the contest cool?

A community being appreciated is a positive move and rewarding them with gifts will not only make them happy but also automatically lead to positive word of mouth. The contest that Sanjeev Kapoor and his team have thought of is simple and apt. It doesn’t ask the fan to do much and the random selection of winners is not bad.  One wouldn’t complain about getting lucky for just liking a page!

In the morning, we wrote about how ICICI bank’s launch of “Fan of the Month” contest has shot up massive engagement. Fan of the Month is a custom-made Facebook app but Sanjeev Kapoor’s Facebook page has steered clear of any Facebook app. Instead it has smartly conceived a simple contest to celebrate the occasion with its fans. Not a bad move I would say, and already the post  announcing the contest has got fans talking and wishing for goodies.

Sanjeev Kapoor Facebook content

Social media presence

Apart from Facebook, Sanjeev drives great engagement in other social networks such as Twitter, Youtube and blog. The Twitter account that is managed by Sanjeev himself is a delight to see. Sanjeev’s Twitter account breathes one mantra - Converse not only with influencers but also with your fans.  A key takeaway for SME’s who are still trying to crack the Twitter mantra.

With more than six thousand fans, Sanjeev’s Twitter account is doing it all right - sharing content aligned to his presence, retweeting interesting content that would be useful for his followers and above all constantly engaging with his fans. Another key takeaway for SME’s and brands that Sanjeev is not auto-synching the same content with Facebook. He is giving reasons to people to follow him on Twitter as well. To understand about his brilliant Twitter conversations, do check out the below slide show.

Youtube is another medium that Sanjeev has ventured into and it goes without saying that the Youtube channel is yummy like his recipes. The Youtube brand channel that was launched in 2009, has earned more than 33,000 subscribers. The videos are related to what Sanjeev is famous for i.e. sharing mouth watering dishes and have fetched more than 2 million views till date. With all these social networks, I was also very delighted to see quite an active blog. The content is not only regular but interesting and worth reading too.

I am sure that with this rock solid presence in most of the major networks, Sanjeev is going to expand it more. However, the Facebook page could do better with replying to fans. Nevertheless, the contest and the social media presence are worth having a look, especially for SME’s.