Channel [V] Rebrands To Connect With The Youth, Appeals With #CorrectHai

Review of Channel [V]'s rebranding campaign on social media, where it announced the new lineup of youth-oriented shows, and creating buzz around tagline 'correct hai'


Channel [V] is getting younger. The Star India owned music channel had undergone a massive rebranding just last year on July 1, 2022 when it dropped the music to make way for general entertainment and reality shows. The channel is revamping again with a new logo and new shows that cater to today’s youth from November 25, 2013, reports AFAQS.

Channel_V_new_logoThe first thing I noticed about the all new Channel [V] logo is that it has got rid of the square brackets around ‘V’ and now resembles a round pink sticker with the letter ‘V’ in white. A little flap at the top left corner has been pulled up to reveal ‘All New’. The tagline reads ‘Correct hai’ in the language of the youth – while the second ‘r’ in correct has been reversed vertically, the ‘hai’ is in Hindi script.

Four new shows - Sadda Haq, Confessions of an Indian teenager, Paanch and Relationship Status-It’s Complicated – will go on air from the 25th. While the rebranding campaign has taken up all forms of media to announce the all new tone of the channel, the social media networks are not far behind. In fact, popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been creating buzz since the beginning of this month.

The all new Channel [V] on social

Teaser updates announced the new on the channel’s social media platforms earlier this month. A brand new cover photo on the channel’s Facebook page and many updates on the wall have been promoting the new shows to the 3.1 million strong fan base, and also inviting them to join the specific Facebook pages created for each of the new shows. Promo videos for each of the shows are being shared on social platforms too.

Channel V Facebook

Sadda Haq: My life my choice - the story of Delhite Sanyukta Agarwal who gets into an engineering college despite the discouragement from all quarters and the challenges she faces - has a Facebook page with 4.9 likes already. Wall updates have received a decent number of likes and comments.

The page for ‘Confessions of an Indian Teenager’ has 143K likes. Interestingly, this show also accompanies a blog where the show’s protagonist - the Indian teenager named Vaibhav Sharma shares about everything that sucks in his life. One can send in their confessions to him, which get published under ‘mere doston ki stories’, similar to the show’s format. This page has the highest number of likes compared with the pages for the other 3 new shows.

Channel V’s Twitter page, apart from sharing information about the new shows, is also creating conversations around the new brand philosophy of ‘correct hai’ with its close to 49.7K followers.

The YouTube brand channel has uploaded short ‘correct hai’ video films that looks at stereotypical ideas existing in our society. Here’s a clip throwing light on the true formula for success in life:

Youth-oriented shows that speak their language

A mere logo change wouldn’t suffice for an effective communication conveying the channel’s new philosophy. It needed to be backed up with shows that matched with the pulse of the young and catered to the challenges in their lives. Looking at the subject of the new lineup of shows, it is apparent that Channel [V] is now focusing only on the youth - their aspirations, their dilemmas versus what the society thinks is right or wrong. ‘Correct hai’ is sure to catch on with the young masses.

Social media has been leveraged well for the two-way communication mode it offers. The Channel [V] rebranding story has been unveiled on the medium in layers - teaser updates, promo videos, Facebook and Twitter updates about the shows, dedicated Facebook pages for each of the shows, blogs, and all this while creating conversations around ‘correct hai’.

Refreshing content focused to the youth that speaks to them in their language and is active on the social media channels frequented by them, is how I see Channel V’s evolution. I’m looking forward to the all new Channel [V]!