Channel V Guides First-Time Voters With ‘Know Your VQ” Campaign

Review of youth channel, Channel V's 'Know your VQ' campaign where first-time voters have been encouraged to exercise their right to vote with quirky visuals

The General Elections in the largest democracy in the world calls for a nationwide movement every five years. This year when India is undergoing its 16th Lok Sabha Elections under the dynamics of social media, the country will add an electorate of nearly 27 million first time voters. And brands, especially the ones that target the youth, are keen on educating this huge chunk of first-time voters about the basics of elections and how they can go about exercising their right to vote.

Youth brand, Channel V has launched the “Know your VQ” campaign that is powered by a site and supported through the social platforms of the television channel. ‘Know your VQ’ as the name suggests serves is a complete guide to the elections, where one can also ask questions, apart from testing their VQ and sharing the interesting visual content pieces with their friends who are first-time voters too.

Know Your VQ

Hosted on a site at Channel V page, the ‘know your VQ’ section is an extensive one that starts with basic questions about what is a parliament, Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, MP, MLA, election to advanced topics like what is model code of conduct, a coalition government, bills, how to cote, etc.

You can answer ten questions at the VQ Meter by connecting through Facebook or through your email, and find your VQ. Scores can be shared on Facebook or Twitter. ‘Spread some VQ’ and ‘send some VQ’ has cheeky posters that can be shared with your social connections or downloaded or even sent through email.

The language and tone of the campaign communication has been one of double entendre, whether in its videos, text or images. The home page of the site welcomes you with a cheeky video, most likely to drive youngsters to watch it and share it. “It’s your first time, don’t sweat, enjoy it.”, “You won’t regret doing it.” “Use your finger.” These are some of the headlines used in the graphic posters on the site and the images being shared on Channel V’s social networks.

Here’s is the VQ promo video that leaves you wondering what the girl is scared of doing for the first time:

Social buzz for VQ

Know your VQ has taken a saucy route to appeal to the youth. The content shared is cheeky and full of double entendres. Here is a snippet of how the channel’s Facebook and Twitter pages are looking like at the moment:

Post by Channel [v] India.

Empowering and connecting with the youth

Voting for the first time can be a challenge, as there are no dedicated platforms that serve you all the information in the way you like to consume. With the “Know Your VQ’ campaign, Channel V has indeed created a connect with the young demographic that is ready to vote this year. The channel acting as an enabler of empowerment and a guide for the General Elections has managed to reach out to its target audience too, apart from making the communication a fun and quirky one.

The use of double entendre forms a unique feature of this campaign communication, be it in its videos, text or images.

Parallely, MTV India, the popular youth entertainment channel took it upon themselves to get first-time voters registered in a massive campaign that started in December 2013. MTV India launched ‘Rock the vote’ accompanied by a double entendre tagline ‘Dabaona… button’ and its own music anthem, as a platform to mobilize all youngsters aged 18 & above to register themselves as voters. A dedicated website served as a one-stop destination for information, FAQs, discussions, etc. along with offline intitiatives with its campus ambassadors’ network of college students across the nation.