Change The Name: Fastrack Challenges Its Fans

Fastrack has challenged it's community on social media that getting 10 million likes organically in 40 days is impossible. If it is achieved the brand will go forward and change it's name.

How bold can you be on social media? Can you challenge your community on social media to the extent that you are ready to change the name of your brand? I am not making that up but Fastrack, India’s largest youth fashion brand has already done this on social media.

The bold and provocative youth brand that has more than 5.6 million fans on Facebook has challenged its own community. The brand asked its community that getting “Ten Million Likes In 40 days” is impossible but if the community thinks that it is possible and makes it happen then the brand is going to change its name.

Fastrack Facebook

“The brand wanted to increase the reach and in an organic way. So we came up with this idea that goes back to the simple game that we all must have played as a kid. We used to challenge our friends and then announce that if it can be achieved then we would change our name. We have implemented the same and in doing so we have challenged our community to prove us wrong”, shared Vineet Gupta, Managing Partner at 22Feet, the digital media agency that is behind the execution of this campaign for Fastrack.

And in doing so the brand is also all set to do a Harlem Shake - the Internet meme that has been termed as a phenomenon and is the first ever crowd sourced video to significantly drive sales of song. Similarly the content that was shared on Facebook by Fastrack has already got more than 197 shares and got more than 149 people commenting on this bold move by the brand.

Vineet tells me that this is the first phase of the challenge and in the next few days, the brand plans to create a Facebook app which would ask fans to vote for their favourite names for Fastrack.

“The move has already triggered a debate. While some of them don’t want the brand to change the name, there is another bunch who have already started pouring some great names. We really want to catch all this and keep the momentum growing”, added Vineet.

Definitely a bold move but seeing the past campaigns of Fastrack, I am really not surprised by this move. In today’s times where brands are crowdsourcing everything from their community, I think this is not only a bold move but can set new benchmarks going forward as a brand on social.

“Definitely everyone has an opinion. We like it but what we have achieved in a short time is that we have got our community talking in a very organic way”, shared Vineet when asked on fans having a difference in opinion about the move.

Undoubtedly, the campaign is being talked about and in the coming days we would be able to see how fans take this entire thing further.