Petition Filed To Revoke Suspension Of Female Lawyer From Kerala For Her Facebook Posts On Gender Discrimination

Petition filed to revoke suspension of lawyer Anima Muyarath by the Lawyers' Bar Association in Kozhikode, Kerala for her Facebook post on gender discrimination



Last October, 24-year old Anima Muyarath, a practising lawyer at the Lawyers’ Bar Association in Kozhikode, Kerala, expressed her views on the ‘silly’ behaviour of male lawyers in the Bar as well as her office towards women, through a Facebook post. Taking this as a personal insult, the Bar issued a showcause notice in November and then suspended her at the General Body meeting in December. When Anima refused to apologise, they abused her verbally and then threw chairs at her.

A petition addressed to the secretary of the Bar Association seeks to revoke her suspension immediately. The petition has received more than half the signatures with its goal to reach 5K signatures.

Interestingly, her Facebook post written in Malayalam does not defame any person, only talks about her observation. Here is a loose translation:

“It’s been five months since I started practising as a lawyer in the Kozhikode Bar. I don’t know if all workspaces in the world will be like this, but in the Kozhikode Bar and office, I had the chance to meet several morons of my age. They address women as ‘sugar candy, dear’ and follow them with comments such as ‘you are so beautiful’ and the like. All of them follow the ‘Prem Nazir’ style in old Malayalam cinema. I think they don’t see the new films. They spoil the women by practising the old pattern of caring young women either making them lovers or sisters. I pity all those who follow such a style. Interestingly, there are some elders who make proposals on seeing a women. Are these people brokers or uncles?”

The late Prem Nazir is a highly respected Malayali romantic hero known for his overtly polite style of courtship on screen.

Anima’s Facebook cover photo boldly displays “Until you have lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was or what freedom really is”, a statement made by author Margaret Mitchell.

Image credit: Facebook