Chachii, A Brilliant Example Of Social Media (Startup Case Study)

by Prasant Naidu on May 24, 2022

in Case Studies

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India is no more a land of snake charmers and elephants but a nation budding with enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are not out there to make another Facebook or Twitter but are trying to figure out ways how they can solve pain points of the common man. And I happened to meet one such startup called Based out at Mumbai, the startup aims to solve your day to day errands and make your life easy. Apart from being an amazing idea, Nikhil Goel, Co-founder of, shared that they heavily rely on social media for awareness, promotion, sales and above all engaging with fans in a meaningful way. Definitely in today’s times, startups having a social presence and trying to build a community adds value and stands by the same thought.

Nikhil discussed at length on how he and Tanvi Surti, the other Co-founder started the whole initiative. Since labour is not centralized, Chachii was conceived to provide this but with a layer of technology. He added that they have used the simple feature of SMS to get in touch with labourers and  have designed smart algorithms that help out to reach to the perfect labourer for the required task. So for example, you had a party last night at your place and today you want a person to help you to clean your entire house then simply register on the site. Once you are done, the site will search the right person and share the profile to you via email. The person does the work, you pay for the work and you rate his task too. It’s that simple!

Taking our discussions further, I jumped into the social side of as I had seen the Facebook and Twitter presence. Nikhil elaborated on how they have tried to build a very cute brand for and how Twitter as a channel has been quite effective.

Facebook Content

Indeed @Chachiisays is to be watched. The in-house social media team makes sure to share exciting news, popular links and resourceful information within 140 characters to its more than 1000 followers. Twitter is known for its one-to-one conversations and Chachii seems to have cracked the code. The tweets are funny, engaging with the community and also retweeting the influencers. This should be one of the takeaways for other startups who are still wondering about how Twitter works. The Facebook page has double the number of fans as compared to Twitter with a decent engagement too. Facebook is all about visuals and Chachii has taken care of it. The content is informative and witty too as seen on one of the content shared on the right.

We know how relevant and interesting hashtags can make people talk about your brand on Twitter and the social media team at Chachii has used it effectively. #tweetatask has been one of the popular one’s as informed by Nikhil. He also added about having clubbed contests on Twitter with some cool hashtags during Mother’s Day, Valentines’ Day, etc.

The response from people on social media has been very exciting and we really want to take it to the next level. We plan to invest more on the medium and take help of ads such as Google ads, Facebook ads and even Twitter ads.

It was exciting to know that Chachii is open for experimentation; it is evident in their social media presence. But along with this, I was quite inquisitive to know what made Chachii look for an in-house team when most of them prefer to go the agency way. Nikhil shared that:

Cost concerns and our online brand mattered to us. Along with the social media person, we the co-founders pitch in the social media activities and we think that we are better persons to represent our business than an agency. Meanwhile, we have also tried to nurture our blog where every employee contributes on a weekly basis.”

Along with the social media presence, I was really charged to see the effective use of the blog by the brand. Another very important takeaway for startups that blogs are more than leads. It is a brilliant way of self-expression, not only about your product but also about your culture, team, daily happenings, etc.

With this entire excitement around social media, Nikhil also pointed that startups or brands should know how to respect the space. He mentioned that one needs to maintain a balance between informing and annoying. Indeed a very big learning and since social media is all about fans and their friends so startups, SME’s, brands, etc. should respect that space.

An inspiring startup without a doubt! Moreover, Chachii has adopted social media with open hands. Nikhil is quite bullish about the entire social media engagement that is being driven at their end. As told to me, last quarter Chachii received 19% traffic from Social Media that included 55% from Facebook and the rest from Twitter. Promising figures that could be increased with time and that’s what the team at Chachii are going to do before they open up their next centre in Delhi.

Must say a well thought of plan from and I wish that more startups in India start brainstorming in this direction. So what other takeaways did you grab from the initiatives led by Nikhil and Tanvi from Do share in the comments.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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  • Pooja Ahuja

    I Always look forward to hear of newer and unique yet successful startups. Pretty intresting startup! Nice Casestudy. Like you posts Prasant

    • Prasant Naidu

      It is an interesting startup and had quite a takeaways for myself too :)

  • Destination Infinity

    Quite an interesting start-up idea. I guess it’s easier to reach their target audience on social networks, than on newspapers, etc. Good to see a desi startup embrace social media effectively. I can only which them all the luck. I hope some other (larger) companies that are using social media stop using it like another TV commercial broadcasting medium.

    Destination Infinity

    • Prasant Naidu

      You have shared same feelings that I have and @twitter-315626895:disqus is a brillant example for bigger brands, startups, etc. wish more and more startups put the same effort :) Thanks for sharing your amazing thoughts.

  • Guest

    Great concept!! Really enjoyed reading about it

    • Prasant Naidu

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

  • Chachii

    Thanks for all your kind words, Prasad. Please do follow us on Twitter! 

    • Prasant Naidu

      Thank you Chachii and I am glad to see you here :)

  • Rohan Ranade

    Brillant Idea

    • Prasant Naidu

      Indeed :)

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