From A Journalist To Running A Community Portal, She Now Runs A 15-Year-Old Digital Agency

Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder at BC Web Wise talks about why she became an entrepreneur and how has her agency evolved from a website company to 360 digital agency


Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder and Managing Director at BC Web Wise has been running a digital agency from the heart of Mumbai for about fifteen years. Prior to starting up, she was a business journalist for eight years with the likes of Businessworld and Business Today.

Talking to Lighthouse Insights, over lunch at her office, she shared that she never had an idea to start a digital agency but as a journalist she had understood pretty soon that the internet is going to be the back bone of the Indian economy.

In the first part of the video conversation, Chaaya talked about how the 15 year journey as an entrepreneur has been, the early days in which she recollected her childhood small business ventures and then the accidental shift to journalism.

A content lover by heart, after quitting journalism she started up a content portal. The initial idea was to build community portals for brands around niche categories so that the customer can engage with others and even with the brand. Besides this she also started creating newsletters and one of the earlier client she remembers was BSNL. However like any other startup the initial journey wasn’t a smooth one as the dot com bust happened and clients were not ready to listen to the digital world.

Things started to shine post 2003 and Sunsilk was the biggest brand for BC Web Wise at that point which wanted the agency to manage the web content. In this video conversation, Chaaya talks about why she became an entrepreneur, about the struggle to survive with BC Web Wise during the lean phase and how things have shaped since then.