Chaaya Baradhwaaj - From Being An Accidental Journalist To Leading BC Web Wise [Video]

Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder BC Web Wise talks about her 15 year journey as an entrepreneur, her small business ventures as a child and then the accidental shift to journalism


“The journey so far as an entrepreneur has been interesting. Before that I was a journalist which again I stumbled across. I learnt a lot while being a journalist to be able to start my own business, again it was not planned,” shared the accidental journalist and entrepreneur Chaaya Baradhwaaj in a recent video conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Chaaya, Founder and Managing Director at BC Web Wise has been running the digital agency for about fifteen years. Prior to starting up, she was a business journalist with the likes of Businessworld and Business Today. “Around 1998, I started using the internet a lot for my research work. I saw this infinite world and wanted to be a part of it. That’s when I decided to start my own company.”

The Mumbai girl had the itch to run her own business since her childhood. While talking about her early days Chaaya shared that she never liked school, though she recollects, quite excitedly, about the little ventures she took up as a child. “When I was in the fifth standard my first business venture was to make my own notebooks, brand it with the initials of all my family members. Later on I tried to make perfumes with left over perfumes of my parents, mixing it with potassium permanganate and putting flowers in it. I thought that the experiment worked but it didn’t.”

In this first part of the video conversation, Chaaya talks about how the 15 year journey as an entrepreneur has been so far, the early days in which she recollects her childhood small business ventures and then the accidental shift to journalism.