CerraMatter, Engaging Via Social Media

CerraMatter, Engaging via Social Media

A life without books is a life without any learning. Books make you complete and as a book lover I always wish I had more of them on my shelf. But high prices of books are a concern too. It’s not about Indian books; books published in other countries are not easily available and also are quite expensive. Buying all books is not always easy but many will say libraries are an alternative. One such online library we had covered in our CaseStudies section few weeks back is Librarywala. An online library is a great alternative but what if we get books that are not new but used ones and in good condition. CerraMatter is an online store for buying used books that differentiates itself in the market by cost effective prices, free shipping and an amazing customer service. CerraMatter with an incredible business model is working hard to make a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Read on more to find about how CerraMatter is creating a brand for itself in the social arena.

Social Media Presence

Facebook: CerraMatter with strength of 121 fans on Facebook is genuinely working hard and trying to create a community of its own. The Info section that is often overlooked by lot of brands is not the case with CerraMatter. The wall is the heart of CerraMatter and we are happy to see that it’s quite healthy. From awareness to helping, CerraMatter is using the Facebook fan page for all purposes. Connecting with its fans is amazing as noticed in this thread:


Connecting With Fans

CerraMatter’s continuous active engagement is awesome from sharing variety of content to conducting small contests. The contests are being liked by fans where the winner gets a discount coupon to shop more at CerraMatter. It is a smart marketing trick while keeping the fans happy too.


Cool Initiative

Although CerraMatter can put some more hard work on the fan page and make it more exciting too.


  • Creating a lovely Welcome Page which will add some limelight to the page. Design one or you can search for free help online.
  • The logo remains the same but there is lot of space to be used. Facebook provides 540*180 space so use it. You can check few brilliant uses of display pictures here.
  • Discussion app is embedded on the page but is not being used. Using this with some other apps such as Polls and Questions will create more engagement. Discussion and Questions could give you lot of viewpoints of fans. Polls could be used as a barometer of your own service.
  • The contests that are being hosted are a great way to engage fans but make a weekly plan.
  • Appreciate your active fans occasionally. This will make the fans proud of your community and lead to positive word of mouth.
  • Finally an active presence and sharing content that is helpful to fans will add more brownie points to the existing hard work.


Twitter: The Twitter presence of CerraMatter is new but working hard to grow its presence like Facebook . CerraMatter is sharing content but needs to work bit more in-order to create a vibrant Twitter presence.


  • The logo needs to be similar in all social media presence so that people don’t get confused.
  • Connect to like-minded people. Invite Facebook fans to join your Twitter presence too. You can also try these apps, Followerwonk and Twellow to connect with like-minded people.
  • Twitter needs an active presence than any other social media networks. So the more you are available on Twitter, the better is it for your brand.
  • The content that is shared in the form of 140 words is good but need to connect more with the fans. Share links or info that would be useful for fans. Make sure that the content for Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t be similar because it nullifies the presence of one of the networks .
  • Community engagement is missing and one of the reasons could be since CerraMatter presence is new. Talking to fans and even saying a small hello would help and make the fans happy to be a part of your community.
  • Finally Twitter is all about connecting, conversing and some small mistakes to be avoided. Make your 140 characters count.

CerraMatter may not have a big social media brand presence but the initiative is being appreciated. We wish CerraMatter keeps up with the good work and save the planet by selling used books.