Centuryply’s Gorilla TVC Crosses One Million Views On YouTube!

About Centuryply's TVC featuring the angry gorilla going viral on Youtube with 1 million views till date. The TVC was part of the brand's new positioning that Centuryply can withstand anything


Remember Centuryply’s latest TVC featuring a really angry gorilla? Well, that one has managed to garner more than a million views on YouTube! The video commercial was launched on World Anger Day on the 28th of August as per the brand’s new advertising campaign titled ‘Sab Sahe Mast Rahe’ to communicate its new positioning - Century plywood can withstand anything.

It begins with an angry gorilla throwing away cars and scaring off a boy eating chips, before entering a house by breaking the roof. The gorilla keeps chasing a man around the house while continuously banging on various wooden objects in the house in a bout of anger. The gorilla is eventually revealed to be the man’s wife, who is angry with him for having forgotten their anniversary!

Now, before you get all offended that a woman has been portrayed as a gorilla, here’s what the brand has to convey - the gorilla is a metaphor for the angry gorilla residing within each one of us which gets unleashed whenever we get wild with anger. Hence, Centuryply urges all its’ consumers to take out their anger over inanimate wooden objects made out of Centuryply because it can absorb all their stresses and strains and give them the peace and tranquillity they desire in return.

With plywood being a low involvement category product, the main aim of the campaign was to get people more interested in the category and specifically to target the upwardly mobile urban male in the age group of 35-45 years who is a homeowner and digital savvy.

Century Plywood youTube adAfter garnering favourable response on the traditional media platform, the campaign got a massive response and has received 1,001,662 views on YouTube the last time I checked it. The success on YouTube makes Cenutryply the 1st Indian building material company to receive such a huge success for an ad campaign.

There might not be a formula for going viral, but videos with a strong emotional connect to the brand seem to do the trick. Here’s the story of a startup in the social discovery space that created a Hitler parody video for product awareness and found good response from the community.