Centuryply Rides On Nana Patekar In #KhushiyonKaRangManch

Plywood maker, Centuryply has launched the 'Khushiyon ka Rangmanch' campaign which highlights families and the larger role played by home furniture in keeping them together

Centuryply, makers of plywood have managed to rope in the very talented actor, Nana Patekar in its new series of TVCs. The latest campaign with TVCs created by DDB Mudra take an emotional route, unlike the brand’s earlier campaigns that focused on the durability of its plywood. Remember the ‘Angry Gorilla’ campaign launched rather smartly on World Anger Management Day?

Those were taglined – ‘Sab sahe, mast rahe’ to portray that Centuryply can withstand anything, but this time around, Centuryply shifts the focus on the emotional role played by home furniture, something we tend to ignore if not for our conscience. The inerrable Nana plays the role of conscience in the new ads. Interestingly, this is a first ad appearance for Nana.

Revolving around ‘surfaces’ which are witness to everyday moments of joy and happiness, the campaign called ‘Khushiyon ka Rangmanch’ highlights families and the larger role played by the furniture in keeping them together.

In the Sofa TVC, an excited family start cheering for India while watching a cricket match all seated on a sofa. Nana begins to cheer for the sofa instead, while everyone in the family goes hush. He then goes on to lecture about how the sofa, the most important object in the room has been ignored, and what role it plays in keeping the family together. How for every four and six in the match, we show our excitement on this sofa and how the very same sofa takes a toll for every loss in the match. In his characteristic style, Nana then asks for the match score, while the focus is on the sofa.

The other ad films enact the role of a dining table, a bed and a drawer set.

The ad films have been accompanied by promotional activities on social media. How better to convey the message of ‘Khushiyon ka Rangmanch’ than on a social platform! In fact, the TVCs were first released on social media before being aired on television, a strategy that started in 2012 with quite a few brands choosing to try the digital route first. Right after the ads were released, conversations were created around ‘khushiyon ka rangmanch‘.

On the Facebook page of Centuryply, the brand has just announced a puzzle contest called ‘Khushiyon ka Rangmanch’ puzzle where you need to rearrange the puzzle to get the right image as fast as possible. The fastest wins a digicam at the end of the contest.

On Twitter, it has leveraged the power of contests, conversations and hashtags to create buzz. Users were invited to share their furniture stories with the campaign hashtag #KhushiyonKaRangManch‘ while they stood a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Grand.

Communicating the new

On the one hand, this is a rebranding exercise where Centuryply is disassociating itself from focusing on product durability, while on the other, it has joined a trail of brands that are choosing to communicate around human emotions, especially those emotions that play around in a family. Centuryply may not lose its edge entirely, but it does manage to keep the focus on its product offerings. The idea of looking at furniture beyond being a piece of wood, to a silent spectator or a platform of our happy moments, is a fresh perspective.

The message has been well extended on to social. Sharing the TVCs on digital coupled with the relatable contest enables people to associate their happy memories with pieces of home furniture, and then associate them back to the brand. A well-designed campaign that is aligned with the brand’s new objective.