CenturyPly Pays A Tribute To The Pandal Makers Through CenturyPly Heroes 2015

Plywood maker CenturyPly has chosen to recognize and help the carpenters who make the Durga Pujo pandals via its video campaign 'CenturyPly Heroes 2015’


Century Ply is almost synonymous with plyboards in India. Beginning its operations in 1986, Century Plyboards India is now a recognised and trusted name in the industry. The company’s relentless pursuit of taking the brand to the next level has borne fruit. The rising stock market index, new global manufacturing units and a keen eye to stay rooted has worked its magic.

Last year during Dussehra, Century Ply took up the cause of pandal makers – the carpenters hailing from the rural areas who come to Kolkatta to decorate the numerous Pujo pandals, leaving their families behind. The plyboard brand arranged a surprise reunion for them; teary-eyed carpenters met with their families and also showed them their beautiful works of pujo art.

This year again, it has taken up an initiative to recognise the work of carpenters. It appealed to 200 pujo pandals through ‘Smoke Free Pujo’ to nominate one of their carpenters for the campaign. Three extraordinary carpenters among these 200 nominations were chosen to be honoured as ‘CenturyPly Heroes 2015’.

Their stories have been captured into a video and the brand is asking us to like/share the video. Every like will translate into better lives for the three CenturyPly Heroes 2015.

Mangal Panja’s only son has thalassemia and needs a blood transfusion every month, which Panja cannot afford. CenturyPly will offer him free blood transfusions for a lifetime. Lalit Biswas always comes to the city with fear in his heart, he is scared his wooden house will be destroyed any time by the floods in his village. CenturyPly will give him insurance policies worth 3 to 4 lakhs.

Naren Halder, the only earning member of the family, is educating his three daughters despite never having had access to education himself. His sole passion for beautiful wood works is what keeps his family going. CenturyPly will pay for his daughters’ education as long as they want to study.

The Durga Puja celebrations mean a lot of politics and competition in the eastern state. Every pandal organiser claims to be the best, the most visited, the most beautifully decorated goddess, the most intrinsic wood carvings, and so on. ‘CenturyPly Heroes 2015’ actually pays a tribute to the artists who do all the hard work, but never earn recognition.

“Awards alone cannot be an act of recognition. Hence, the story of their life and struggle has been captured and presented through a short film. The film captures the innate urge of an artist and his pride in his masterpiece, in however hardship he may be in,” said managing director of Century Plyboards Sanjay Agarwal.

Prior to unveiling the tribute video, CenturyPly’s social media properties introduced the heroes one by one.

CenturyPly’s tribute video is a relevant effort at brand building. By recognizing the efforts of those who work hard behind the scenes to make beautiful Durga Pujo pandals, the brand has gained an emotional advantage over other plywood and laminate makers. Not only does the brand create a place for itself in the hearts of its consumers and build brand advocates but also evolves beyond being just a plywood maker to being an enabler of beautiful works of wooden art.

CenturyPly has been working on its communication through its many campaigns. Taking away the focus from product durability, it had launched a fresh communication campaign called ‘Khushiyon ka Rangmanch with the loveable actor, Nana Patekar. The campaign revolved around ‘surfaces’ which are witness to everyday moments of joy and happiness; it highlighted families and the larger role played by the furniture in keeping them together with Nana playing the role of ‘conscience’ in the set of television commercials.

CenturyPly Heroes 2015 is a long term vision by the brand that is surely looking to grow this property with every Durga Pujo.