Centre Fresh Rolls Out Hilarious ‘Hawabaazi’ Videos For #ChaliHawaaMastaani

'Chali Hawaa Mastaani' sounds like a tagline for a ceiling fan, which makes it even more memorable for a new age gum brand. Center Fresh's new campaign is as quirky as can be

The good thing about being a gum brand is that logic can talk a walk in your ads. Almost all advertising the world over for mouth freshening gums or mints, revolves around crazy antics and happenings that defy logic. And, so is the new ‘fresher’ Centre Fresh ad.

The liquid filled chewing gum from Perfetti Van Melle has been rolled out in a fresher avatar, promising a higher level of cooling. Hence a befitting campaign ‘Chali Hawaa Mastaani’ has been launched to graphically depict the ‘level of cooling’.

The 45-second ad conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather is set at a film shoot. The lead actress, dressed in a body suit as ‘Gumnaam Pari’ has to burn the villain to death with her torch. But, she starts throwing a tantrum as it gets too hot in there. The actress is accompanied by her mother, and they insist the crew to find her a fan.

In steps our hero, who is a ‘fan’ of the actress. He pops a Center Fresh, to everybody’s dismay, and then opens his mouth wide to let out cool air. First the actress and then the entire crew and crowds, everybody starts feeling fresher with the cool air from his mouth.

Some crazy ‘mastaani hawaa’ has been extended on to digital too. The brand has launched ‘Hawabaazi’ - a series of fun short videos featuring actor Cyrus Sahukar demonstrating how the fresher Center Fresh can cool just about anything.

Cool fresh selfies anytime

An instant glass of ice cold water!

Freshen out workout fatigue

Fun. Crazy. Entertaining.

Centre Fresh, the largest selling gum brand in the country, once again chose to go quirky in its ad campaign. For its new variant launched this year – Center Fresh Endless that claims to provide long lasting or endless freshness, the launch campaign played on the ‘endless’ product proposition in creative and engaging ways.

On digital, the gum brand launched the #Endless storytelling contest with prizes to be won every hour. Center Fresh shared the starting point to the story and invited its fan base to take the story further with their tweets hashtagged #Endless. A winner was chosen every hour to extend the #Endless story from his/her tweet. The brand then created graphic visuals to support this ‘endless’ user generated story. Besides the engagement generated, the brand has also scored in associating ‘endless’ with the long lasting freshness of the new gum.

‘Chali Hawaa Mastaani’ sounds like a tagline for a ceiling fan, making the ‘fresher’ proposition of the new mint even stronger. It’s got the right dose of humour and quirkiness associated with the brand. Hawabaazi with Cyus is a cool extension on social media, however, it could be complemented with user engagement too. Like #Endless storytelling, the brand can invite fans to send over crazy ways of cooling just about anything with the fresher Center Fresh.