Central’s Social Media Campaign #whatmenwant [Case Study]

by Prasant Naidu on August 20, 2021

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Central along with 22Feet got along to create a social media campaign for their Men’s special sale promotion. Facebook Offers and #whatmenwant were implemented on Facebook and Twitter respectively to make it a success.

Central, a common name amongst shopaholics, was founded back in May 2004 in Bangalore. The brand known as a vibrant shopping destination offline is also making its mark online. The brand has an active presence on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and has been doing pretty well on Facebook. However, the activity on Twitter was a bit let down and to give a makeover the brand got along with the digital agency, 22Feet.

Present in 13 Indian cities, Central organizes the “Happiness Sale” every year during the month of July. This year the brand launched an exclusive 1 day ‘Men’s Special’ – where men received flat 50% off on best fashionable brands. The idea was there but the challenge was reaching out to maximum target audience.  The brand went social to reap the existing Facebook fan base and at the same time  create buzz on Twitter too.

Objective of the Social Media Campaign

Central had two primary objectives for this campaign over social media:

1. To promote the one day ‘Men’s Special’ 50% discount on best fashionable brands

2. Strengthen the brand presence on Twitter.

Facebook Strategy

Central which already had a presence on Facebook wanted to milk that and the smart move was to try out the Facebook Offers. The brand has a strong fan following of 242K. The brand launched its Facebook Offers for its community and the results were satisfying.

Twitter Strategy

Twitter as a network was the major focus of the brand. The sale was for men so it was a definite call by the brand to get the men talking. Keeping this in mind, 22Feet launched a hashtag #whatmenwant on 8th August at around 11:30 a.m.


The hashtag was intentionally created to be a generic one so that it gets everyone talking. During the same time, details of the sale and contest was announced too. The Twitter contest promised to offer vouchers to three twitteraties that had interesting tweets. The plan worked and along with men, women too found an opportunity to have some fun.


In fact, some brands joined in the conversation too and cashed in from the popular hashtag that had started to trend.


Campaign Results/ ROI

The brand was successful in achieving its objective. The Facebook Offer was availed by 2,329 people within 6 hours. Results on Twitter were much more appealing. The hashtag started trending in India at No. 3 by 12.34 P.M. and it kept on trending till 9th August in all six cities – Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Chennai.


In addition to this, the follower count bounced from 58 to 85 and at the same time the Twitter campaign created the required buzz for the brand on Twitter.

My Thoughts

The campaign was definitely well planned along with its objective. Fans were aware of the sale and maximum buzz was created by the brand on Twitter. However, using social networks for product promotion or creating buzz is not new. Some time back we had shared the story of Diesel India where they had to create a buzz very quickly about the sale for it’s employees. The brand created a flash mob on Facebook to achieve this.

In fact Shoppers Stop had done a similar thing some time back with #sstweetstore. However, it is an another story that even after building an exciting game and giving gifts to Twitteraties, the hashtag neither trended nor created the buzz. One of the reasons that we had highlighted in our story was the lack of objective of #sstweetstore.

Nevertheless, #whatmenwant had all the ingredients to trend and had a defined objective too. Now the onus is on the brand to build conversations with fans on Twitter going forward.

Although not unique, Central’s social media campaign was smartly executed and achieved its objective. Do you have any tip for the brand to work on so that next time it can execute it?

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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