Center Fresh Makes #Endless Storytellers Out Of Its Fans

The launch of Center Fresh Endless which offers long lasting freshness, saw a fun storytelling contest on social media where users were invited to complete #Endless stories

centerfresh endlesscenterfresh endless

Long lasting benefits are always a plus; consumers get more than they pay for. Perfetti Van Melle India has rolled out a new variant, the Center Fresh Endless that claims to provide long lasting or endless freshness. The gum brand promising to give you long lasting freshness with its new variant has also rolled out a matching launch campaign harping on the term ‘endless’.

A set of three ad films have been conceptualized and created by Ogilvy India where seemingly everyday life situations get an endless twist, making it a funny one. The first film titled ‘First night’ centers around a nervous groom trying endlessly to lift his bride’s ghoonghat. The second one titled ‘Camel Mounting’ features a sheikh who simply can’t stay steady on the camel’s back. The third one titled ‘Office Doorway’ has two office colleagues unable to get past each other in a doorway.

All the half-minute long TVCs end with the long-lasting proposition of the new Center Fresh Endless.

The TVCs have also been accompanied by digital promotions, that again focus on the ‘endless’ product proposition in a creative and engaging way. The gum brand has been leveraging its social media community to join them in creating endless stories together.

The #Endless story

Center Fresh launched the #Endless storytelling contest on social media with prizes to be won every hour. The brand gave the starting point to the story and invited its community to take the story further with their tweets hashtagged with #Endless. Ever hour a winner would be chosen to extend the #Endless story from his/her tweet.

One cannot make out head or tail of this crazy endless story but from the below tweets one can gauge the enthusiastic response received on Twitter. The winning tweets have taken the story further and also feature in graphic visuals shared by the brand.

Weaving #endless stories and consumer bonds as well

All of us are master storytellers since childhood; a human trait that makes interesting storytellers out of each one of us. That’s precisely why everybody loves a good story, and an opportunity to tell stories is never missed out on. The Center Fresh #Endless campaign served a fun platform for engaging youngsters through social media, by making storytellers out of them. Besides the engagement generated, the brand has also scored in associating ‘endless’ with the long lasting freshness of the new gum.

The hourly incentives add on to the user participation, apart from the kick of participating in an open storytelling competition. Targeted, engaging, participative and a memorable buzz to the new ‘long lasting’ proposition of Center Fresh Endless. And not to mention, the ‘high brand recall’ value created for the new gum.