Cello Goes Long Format With ‘Main Aur Maa’ Digital Film

The homeware brand takes us on a 7-minute journey through the lives of a mother and her daughter since the time she is born, while blending in its tagline 'Companion for Life'

The long format digital film makes yet another appearance and it’s really long. At 7:03 minutes, homeware brand Cello’s ‘Main aur Maa’ is a long film you should not miss out on, unless you are one of the robotic types. Last year saw the trend pick up momentum with many brands from varied sectors choosing to go long format in their digital storytelling journey.

Brands are now beginning to build their image one 2-7 minute video at a time. Do read more about the “25 Awesome Long Format Ad Films By Indian Brands In 2015”, to see where the trend is going.

Cello is a homeware brand with kitchenware and kitchen appliances forming a major part of its product range. As such, its target segment comprises women, the lead decision makers in most Indian homes. The brand’s latest film is also centred around two strong women – a mother-daughter who share a typical love-hate relationship with each other.

Conceptualized and executed by Eggfirst Advertising, the video is a 7-minute journey through the lives of the mother and her daughter since the time she is born.

It begins with the numerous sacrifices by the mother to ensure her baby daughter is well fed and cared for, be it night or day. A viewer is then taken through the slight changes in their relationship over the years, right through her school, college, professional life and marriage. While the mother ages on, she never forgets to take care of her growing up daughter, even during her pregnancy. The daughter, however, isn’t that grateful to her mother. Don’t we all take our mothers for granted?

It is what happens in the last minute of the film that changes the equation between their relationship. The daughter realizes the depth of her mother’s love.

Despite being long, the film has raked in decent number of views on the brand’s YouTube channel. Besides, the brand has also tied it up with a contest designed to boost views, it’s called the Cello Companion for Life contest with a chance to win an iPhone 6.

The contest page needs you to log in via your Facebook or Twitter handle, answer multiple choice questions on the film, after sharing your email and mobile number. The next step is to share your story, talk about your companion for life and why they are special, along with a picture. All user submissions are being featured with their stories on the site.

‘Companion for life’ personified

The digital world is yet to ascertain the efficacy of long format films; are they worth the moolah spent, is it really helping my brand tell a memorable story, does it help build brand advocacy, or should I chuck it all and go for a smaller version and bring out a TVC instead? Despite these concerns, Cello’s foray into long format tells us Indian brands are ready for big digital spends.

Video allows them a continuous medium for brand storytelling in interesting ways, and the emerging consumer segment on mobile is only boosting this further. Additionally, by focusing on a mother, ‘Main aur Maa’ helps strengthen Cello’s tagline, “Companion for Life”.

The concept, the brand connect and the accompanying contest make for an effective strategy, the only problem I have is with collecting email ids of participants. Email databases created this way are not really great marketing tools to connect to the new age consumer. Cello should rather try and invest in building a community that is interested in beautiful homes and functional homeware.