Manmohan Singh Silent Bombs Or Rahul Gandhi Laughing Gas Bombs, Which #CelebCrackers Will You Buy This Diwali?

The funniest tweets on the hashtag #CelebCrackers

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The festival of lights and crackers is upon us. Everyone is gearing up to make merry this Diwali and while at it, a few Indians thought why not crack a few jokes at the expense of our celebrities. Indians love their celebrities and a little humour goes a long way in cracking people up, especially on Twitter.

An innocuous looking hashtag on Twitter, very aptly named #CelebCrackers, began picking up momentum on Twitter today. Soon enough it began to trend on Twitter India despite the country experiencing state elections in Maharashtra and Haryana. And the kind of celeb crackers invented through the hashtag had me in splits at once!

A Manmohan Singh silent bomb that is also the world’s first eco-friendly patakha. A Taran Adarsh Rocket that lights up 5 stars in the sky. A Rahul Gandhi bomb that does not blast but releases laughing gas instead. A Himesh bomb that will continue to play in your head even hours after it bursts.

Read on to relish on the best crackers we can have this Diwali, thanks to this army of funny folks on Twitter:

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Feature image via @RowdyTalks