Now Bikers Can Also Dream Of A Social Road Trip With Ceat MTV ‘Chase The Monsoon’

Ceat MTV 'Chase The Monsoon' is a 21-day social road trip comprising of 4 teams exploring the Indian monsoons on a limited budget and earning points on their social interactions


Following two successful seasons of #DriveWithMTV in association with Tata Nano, the youth brand is out with another road trip for 21 days on a bike this time. The ‘Ceat MTV Chase the Monsoon’ show is similar in format to ‘Drive with MTV’ in its social aspect, but biker contestants will be drenched in the monsoons sweeping the country, while also relying on social platforms for their survival.

Chase the Monsoon will see 3 teams and 1 couple set out on a 21-day road trip across India with a limited budget to explore the various places as well as manage their expenses like stay, fuel, food, etc. They can get in touch with their friends in other cities to host them or help them in anything they need, via social media.


Besides the teams need to share their daily experiences on social media to earn their social fuel which in turn increases their daily budget. Social fuel is generated by the amount of interactions received on every content that is shared on social media. In addition, the teams can earn points after completing certain tasks and will get to explore local attractions too!

All set to begin on the 23rd of July, the show is now taking in registrations after which a team of 12 will be shortlisted, who will then have to gather votes from friends and family till the 15th to make it to the final 4 teams. Hop on to the website  to register yourself either through a video, photographs or your travel blog. Just be able to convince the world that you are an adventurous biker who can ‘chase the monsoon’.

Join the dedicated Facebook page of ‘MTV Chase the monsoon’ to be a part of the 66K+ community and be updated with the latest in the show.