CCD Tie Up With Hoppr Sees Massive Check-Ins And Revenue For Its 1319 Outlets

Café Coffee Day partnered with Hoppr, for its 1319 outlets so that users could discover CCD outlets in their vicinity and win rewards after check ins.

Local is the new global! Marketing for brands has evolved and pundits are craving to go hyper local or what you call “Hyperlocal Marketing.” A new way of engaging consumers with brands in their vicinity. Seeing this trend catching up, Café Coffee Day partnered with Hoppr, a location based mobile app that we had reviewed recently. The partnership that was formed 6 months ago for its 1319 outlets was implemented so that users could discover CCD outlets in their vicinity and win rewards for check ins.

The tie up between CCD and Hoppr meant that the mobile app developed a platform for CCD so that consumers could interact with CCD anytime. The platform helped users to locate CCD outlets in their area and involved downloading coupons for specials and win rewards. These coupons could then be used once the user checks in to a CCD outlet via Hoppr.

The initiative has seen fruitful results for both CCD and Hoppr. According to Hoppr, the tie up with CCD has witnessed 6.5 lakh check-ins to CCD in the last six months, also tapping the Facebook shares of such check-ins. Md. Imthiaz, CEO  and Founder of Hoppr also highlighted that CCD witnessed high coupon redemption which was led by Hoppr translating into higher sales for CCD. Imthiaz also added that since the specials were based on the bill so users were driven to spend more in order to avail the “Hoppr specials.”

CCD has also claimed that with Hoppr present on most of the mobile operating systems, it enables the brand to reach out to consumers specially the youth in the virtual space that is spread across 185 markets in the country. Even though the tie up to engage with consumers in their vicinity is unique, availing offers on check ins marketing strategy has been quite common.

2 years back CCD had tied up a similar deal with Foursquare which was trying to get into the Indian market. The deal was only applicable for Bangalore where every third check-in would receive 15% and Mayor got some more goodies. But the deal never evolved further than Bangalore.

In 2012, CCD again had a similar partnership with another location based app but this time it was with Mojostreet, an Indian app though. The partnership enabled check-in based offers at 1,174 CCD outlets across India. But, such partnerships that don’t evolve beyond providing more than the 10% discount are debatable. However, seeing the numbers, the recent partnership between CCD and Hoppr seems to have worked out well. And with 4M users already registered on the platform and 10,000 merchant locations on board, Hoppr might be looking to expand a similar business model with other brands and provide users incentives from their vicinity.

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