CBSE Topper Sarthak Agarwal Is The New Meme Star

After CBSE topper Sarthak Agarwal's 99.6% news was shared by HT on Facebook, the post became viral, leading to the rise of many Facebook memes and Twitter parody accounts

Sarthak Agarwal meme

Sarthak Agarwal, naam tho suna hi hoga.”

A CBSE student from Delhi who was just another regular teenager has turned into an internet sensation of late, thanks to his near perfect score at the CBSE Boards. Sarthak Agarwal has made a record with the highest ever marks in Class 12 Board exams, losing only 2 marks in English, to score 99.6%.

Ever since the news broke out last week and Hindustan Times posted the news on its Facebook page along with his photograph, there has been pandemonium. The post went viral to garner more than 27K comments where people have responded with humour, more than congratulatory messages. Some have created funny memes, while some have gone nasty. At present the Facebook post has a whopping 151k+ likes and 12K shares.

This has also given rise to parody Facebook pages on Sarthak, one of which named ‘Sarthak Agarwal Memes’ became hugely popular gaining 50K likes in 2 days. The page now stands at 90K+ likes but will be soon shut down, as per a latest post on the page.

Here are a few of the top comments and memes from the Hindustan Times FB post and the parody Facebook page:






Sarthak Agarwal meme1

Sarthak Agarwal meme2

Sarthak Agarwal meme

Sarthak Agarwal meme3

Sarthak Agarwal meme5

Sarthak Agarwal meme4

Twitter, the usual playing field for parody accounts, also caught up soon. @Sarthak-topper, @Sarthakagarwal_ have found a decent following after posting memes, and spoofing his achievement.


Funny tweets on Sarthak Agarwal are also doing the rounds but thankfully, he hasn’t been hashtagged yet or even trended. Reportedly, the teenager has said to have no objection to the memes as long as they are in good taste. Sarthak, who is keen to pursue an honours in Economics, isn’t present on Facebook or Twitter, but has already made a name as a meme star! The last time we witnessed such a spontaneous viral meme on the internet was with actor Alok Nath, followed by actor Neil Nitin Mukesh and actress Yami Gautam, but this one beats them all.