Castrol Power1 Blogging Contest At Indiblogger

A review of the Castrol Power1 Blogging Contest At Indiblogger

April is just peeping in through our calendars and Indiblogger is already up with another blogging contest. And this time there is an altogether new topic ; not change, not beauty, just pure biking pleasure - Castrol Power1 Biker Code of India. Bloggers are invited to bring out the biker in them and even if they don’t ride, they can always blog about someone who they know do. Although the grand prize is not an iPad or Kindle this time, a ‘United Motorcyclists’ Jacket of India’ might be worth much more to a true biker. Besides, 10 winners get Power1 Biking jackets while 5 will win Studds helmets. But the good news is that every entry gets a Castrol-Indiblogger T-shirt and a place in the Castrol Power1 Bikers Code.

Castrol Power1 Blogging Contest At Indiblogger

What is the Castrol Power1 Bikers Code? It is a collaborative effort to define the Indian biker – how their romance with motorcycling began, what they ride for, what freedom and adventure means to them and why they get goose bumps when someone mentions the words wide open highway. You should watch this interesting video titled ‘My Reason To Ride’, if you plan to write an imaginary tale!

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I visited the forum as this is the best place to assess the community. As expected, I was welcomed by a stream of healthy conversations around the topic, some clarifications about the contest and also some little words of encouragement. The moderator has been quick in clarifying or butting in as and when called for. All in all, everybody seems to be happy about getting a T-shirt and not having to bother about Terms & Conditions, as was the case with previous contests. The rules are simple: fresh, original entries with a link to the Castrol Biking Facebook page. Votes don’t matter and multiple entries are allowed. There’s also a hashtag ‘#bikercode’ displayed on the contest page but I’m not sure what one really has to do here. Perhaps, the brand wants to catch the microbloggers as well.

This is the fifth blogging contest at Indiblogger this year and highly indicative of the brands eagerness to let us tell our stories. Brands associating themselves with blogging communities and holding blogging contests  around their taglines, is something I’m really delighted about. As a blogger, I know how easy it becomes for me to have my say, no matter what the world thinks. In that sense, a blog is also the best story-telling tool for brands and comes really handy in times of clearing the air around your brand image. So as a brand, if you are unable to maintain a healthy blog, you can always resort to blogging communities and get some promotions done for you.

And like some wise biker said, “Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight”! So get on your riding gear, get thumping and burn some fuel before you ride back home to write your entry.  The contest closes at midnight April 29.