#ClingOnToTheCup: Castrol Cricket Brings Fans Virtually Closer To The ICC World Cup 2015

Castrol Cricket launched #ClingOnToTheCup digital and on-ground campaign for bringing fans closer to the real cricketing action during the ICC World Cup 2015

Castrol Cricket Facebook

Castrol - the worldwide producers and marketers of synthetic and conventional motor oil and lubricants - has a strong association with cricket in India. The Performance Partner of the ICC World Cup 2015, Castrol India has a decade long association, from supporting Castrol Awards for Cricketing excellence (CACE) to the Castrol Cricket Index (CCI). In 2011, Castrol grabbed a five-year contract with the ICC and became the ‘Official Performance Partner’ of all the coveted International Cricket Trophies hosted by ICC.

With India defending the 2015 ICC World Cup, Castrol India has launched the ‘Cling On To The Cup’ campaign to bring fans closer to the cricketing madness.

#ClingOnToTheCup on digital

#ClingOnToTheCup campaign aims to get cricket fans to support their favourite team by ‘Clinging On to the Cup’ and being virtually present on the field. “Just like Castrol Activ provides continuous protection to bikes, fans get a chance to provide protection to their favourite teams. As one of the first ever such opportunities, fans can be virtually present at the ICC World Cup 2015 matches through Castrol Activ’s unique ‘Cling on the Cup’ App,” said the company in its release.

The campaign #ClingOnToTheCup was initiated with a live Google Plus hangout where fans discussed the Indian team’s prospects and challenges with Castrol Activ panelists and cricketing experts, Anil Kumble and Sanjay Manjrekar along with popular cricket commentator and Castrol brand ambassador Harsha Bhogle.

Thereafter we have seen the brand using Harsha, Kumble and Manjrekar to boost participation from fans. Castrol launched quite a few videos with all the three talking about the Facebook app, why fans should be a part of the campaign and what needs to be done.

Post that Castrol Cricket launched a Facebook app for its million plus fans. The Facebook app allows you to show your support for your favourite team in the ongoing world cup. A cricket fan can show support for his team by sharing a cheer, posting message, or by uploading pictures and videos.#ClingOnToTheCup_Campaign

Selected pictures, cheers and videos uploaded by fans will be displayed on the LED perimeter boards and replay screens in the stadium and watched by potentially more than a billion people on television worldwide. If you do have questions on how to be part of the campaign then watch the video featuring Gaurav Kapoor.

Castrol has also uploaded pictures of the LED perimeter boards during a particular match on the Facebook app. If you have missed seeing yourself on TV then you can click on the View Gallery section in the Facebook app. Tag yourself and brag about your celebrity status on Facebook.

The campaign has a natural extension on Twitter too. In addition to promoting #ClingOnToTheCup, the Twitter account has been initiating tried and tested selfie campaigns. Right now the high five selfie campaign is on.

Additionally, on Twitter the brand is tagging influential folks who appeared on the LED panels, in the hope of increasing eyeballs for its campaign.

Talking about content creation apart from the campaign, the brand has been posting real time chatter on the ongoing games, posting updates about the Castrol Activ mascots along with visuals and trivia questions.

Post by Castrol Cricket.

Post by Castrol Cricket.

Post by Castrol Cricket.

The brand could have gone a step further and launched the mascot on social media. A Twitter profile sharing the mascots month-long cricketing excitement could have got some organic reach on Twitter. Nevertheless, the digital advertising on Twitter is paying for the brand; it ranked fifth on the Twitter Brand Engagement Index for week four.

Bringing fans virtually closer to the game

Watching a live game is a dream for  every sport fanatic. To watch your favourite sportsperson playing with the crowd cheering on, is a priceless experience. With #ClingOnToTheCup, Castrol India has brought the same excitement for the thousands of cricket fans who are not able to see the action live in the stadium. Besides featuring on TV for supporting your favourite nation is the cherry on the top for the campaign.

Displaying fans’ pictures on the LED perimeter boards and on the boundary walls is a cool innovation from the brand. Building a Facebook app and enabling conversations on social media to drive participation has been well executed.

This is the last year of Castrol’s partnership with ICC and in these five years the digital experiments have only evolved for the brand.

The recent #ClingOnToTheCup finds its genesis from “Cling on to Cricket” campaign which was launched in 2013 during the ICC Champions Trophy England and Wales. During this campaign, tweets from fans were displayed live on the LED perimeter board during the tournament games. Via interesting contests lucky winners also got an opportunity to witness the India-Pakistan & the Finals match LIVE at the Edgbaston stadium in UK.

In 2014, during the ICC World Twenty20 Bangladesh, 2014 the Castrol Activ Scooter Zip Factor was introduced on Facebook by cricket experts Harsha Bhogle & former Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid. It was a specially designed T-20 statistics measuring a player’s performance in all 3 facets of the game – batting, bowling and fielding, essentially capturing the impact a player has on his side’s performance.

In 2015, Castrol is running #ClingOnToTheCup which is nothing but a gradual extension of the 2013 campaign. From displaying tweets on LED perimeter board it has now evolved to displaying pictures. Even so it has managed to catch the attention of the fans on social media by showcasing their pictures on TV. While the ICC World Cup is only half way done, it looks like Castrol has managed to build buzz as it did during the FIFA World Cup 2014.