Castrol Cricket “Clings” Fans To Social Media For The Epic India Pakistan Clash At The ICC Champions Trophy

Guest post by Nitin Amlani, who is a student at Narsee Monji College of Management Studies, in which he reviews the social media campaign ‘Cling on to Cricket Challenge’ by Castrol Cricket for the ICC Champions Trophy.


This is a guest post by Nitin Amlani, who is a student at Narsee Monji College of Management Studies, in which he reviews the social media campaign ‘Cling on to Cricket Challenge’ by Castrol Cricket for the ICC Champions Trophy.

Saturday 15 June 2022This is no mean date, and not just another Saturday. Some hints may get your heads “Clinging” – Cricket, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Champions Trophy, Arch Rivals, Ind, Pak!

Oh Yes we clash again (this time Sachin officially retired, may be Harsha gets him on mic again) in the seventh and final edition of ICC Champions Trophy! Though some may perceive the IPL overdose and spot-fixing side-effects will dampen the enthusiasm of Indo-Pak clash. But the latest social media campaign by Castrol Cricket has a different story to tell.

“Cling on to Cricket Challenge” by Castrol Cricket was launched on May 4 and on stake was the 3 nights – 4 days package to the United Kingdom to watch India play Pakistan at the ICC Champions Trophy along with a companion. Numbers never lie and the insights about the campaign yet again demonstrate the power of new age media.

Castrol  ICC Cricket Contest

Cling on to Cricket Challenge

Castrol Cricket launched an App on its Facebook page, and to participate one had to create a profile on the application. The contest was conducted in following phases. A participant had to enter: a) a favourite cricketing moment on the application, b) Upload his/her most passionate cricket photo on the application (unlocks 25 votes), and c) Record a piece of cricketing commentary using the recorder provided in the application (unlocks 25 votes). All of the above was collectively referred to as “the Entry” for this contest.

75 entries with the highest likes and votes were shortlisted by Castrol, out of which 10 were further shortlisted by a panel of judges based on total number of likes and votes on profile entries, quality of entries on profile (language, grammar, diction, picture and originality of the Content.) A winning entry was chosen from these 10.

A fairly complicated contest and surely not for the masses! This one was for that ardent cricket lover and required good amount of efforts and skills at each stage. Also, efforts were required to fetch ‘likes’/’votes’ to make it to Top 75. Right after the contest was launched, the Castrol Cricket Facebook page had celebrated the milestone of 1 lakh fans. And now the page has 2,51,650 likes and counting. This means Castrol Cricket was able to win around 6,500+ likes each day since the launch of the contest. Also, this number has been calculated upto 31st May, however the contest was over by 17th May and hence the traffic must have been much higher during the contest.

So despite the fairly difficult process, the opportunity was highly exciting for the cricket fans, and also indicates that there is a healthy interest in cricket commentary amongst the lovers of the game.

‘Continuous Social Engagement’ is the Game!

On social media great brands never cease to converse with their audience, not even after concluding a successful campaign. It won’t be judgemental to mention that the participants of this contest (rather the audience who interacted during this contest) are amongst those students of the game who enjoy writing, talking and listening about cricket. For a continuous engagement with such audience, Castrol Cricket organized Hangout with Harsha on 30th May,2013. Surely, a well-thought out move by Castrol.

Castrol hangout

And well they haven’t finished yet, on their official Twitter page, the tickets for Champions Trophy finals are up for grabs. To stand a chance to win those tickets, one needs to tweet reasons for “I Cling on to cricket because” with the hashtag #clingontocricketbecause to their Twitter handle. Interestingly, 1 tweet is equal to 1 km towards the destination. This one is also a multi-stage contest that ended on June 2nd 2013.

Castrol Twitter

Apart from this Castrol Cricket was/is also generating traction through YouTube videos and  pictures of memorable Champions Trophy moments on Instagram.

We leave you with one more interesting insight. The following pointer from Rules & Regulations of the contest shows how important is the organic content (even though created in inorganic way!) for brands:

The Winner shall also be bound to provide to Castrol the following social media deliverables from the time he/ she has been announced as the Winner, until two (2) days after he/she returns from United Kingdom:

A) 15 tweets to be tweeted by the winner, daily, from his own Twitter account.

B) 15 photographs to be clicked & shared by the winner, daily, onto our digital properties.

C) Shooting of a video content while at the tournament, which will be shared with Castrol for use on his/her return.

D) The Winner shall append hash tags and URLs of Castrol’s social media properties relating to the Contest including but not limited to Facebook,Twitter, Youtube, Vine, Instagram.”

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